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Data from the Colombian Government to investigate, develop applications, create views and stories Cases: 69,079: Confirmed cases: 64,237 (92.99%) Probable cases: 4,842 (7.01%) Total hospitalized: 7,523: Counties: 64: People tested: 888,539: Test encounters: 1,313,403 最好的视频下载网站,分享最新电视剧,高清电影、综艺、动漫等在线看_夜空影院 The DataJam Pasos Libres is an 8-day online competition in which 150 participants from all over Colombia and the world will develop solutions based on data and data use cases to identify human trafficking patterns, networks and hotspots. This work includes data provided by the OpenTopography Facility with support from the National Science Foundation under NSF Award Numbers 1948997, 1948994 & 1948857. 最好的视频下载网站,分享最新电视剧,高清电影、综艺、动漫等在线看韩信剧情:电视连续剧《大将军韩信》以韩信一生的历程为主线,从他在淮阴的少年生活写起,历经仗剑从军,弃楚归汉,狩猎诸侯,一统天下,至被斩长乐宫钟室结束,浓墨重彩地展现... Tech Data is one of the world’s largest technology distributors. We help companies like HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft — and hundreds of others — bring their products to market, and we offer a wide range of technical and business support services.

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Digital Nomads are individuals that leverage technology in order to work remotely and live an independent and nomadic lifestyle.

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A subreddit focused on providing open discussion on all things Bitcoin (BSV).

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who left the fridge open?

2020.10.01 12:03 remote-enthusiast List of 81 remote jobs

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.01 08:09 Rokokkopi Managers Included in the PES 2021 Update at launch

The manager data 2021 released, scrape the list and compare to current PES 2020 manager list.
This managers in PES 2020, will not availabe In 2021.
Source: PES 2020 mobile & https://www.konami.com/wepes/mobile/c/information/2021/en/manager_data
Details https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DKWJXPJ375gbrHiHN54E9g64RdzyLQ2FK3slNiZv6nM/edit?usp=sharing
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2020.10.01 07:21 amyranthlovely Japan Travel, COVID-19, And You: Guidelines On Travel & Pandemic News Update Thread - October 2020

October 2020 - Japan continues to be closed to International Tourism at this time, with no indication that the restrictions will relax before the end of 2020. Japan's borders are only re-opened to Foreign Residents of Japan, Japanese Nationals and individuals with special exemptions. In regards to Tourism, please wait until official Government announcements are made and protocol established before booking or rebooking any flights, hotels, or other forms of entertainment for any future trips.

If you are seeking information on re-entry as a Visa Holder, or information on how to renew your Tourist Visa while still in Japan, please check /japanlife for more information.
Note that this is the final Megathread on this topic for that sub, and further questions should be directed to your Embassy Of Japan in the country your passport originates in.
One user, esse11e has graciously provided an excellent writeup on their step-by-step re-entry process recently at Narita Airport with the new allowances in place for returning foreign residents.
Travel Restrictions Arriving In Japan for transit to another country are noted here on the MOFA Website. Transit through Japan is ONLY possible through Narita Airport or Haneda Airport and you cannot depart either airport without facing quarantine measures, unless you take a cab from one airport to the other - this is a cost of up to $400.00 USD for a one-way trip. If you have booked your trip already, or are flying on a rebooked ticket, please speak to your airline right away if you have any further concerns.
If you are seeking information on your Work/School related entry, please go to /movingtojapan's Megathread.
A backup of the original thread with minor changes is found in our FAQ. Please check here for the original post from when this situation began, and here for the most recent thread from this event.


As of this writing, Japan has 84,414 confirmed cases, 1,588 people have died.
NHK News Japan has a graph of existing cases in Japan by prefecture here. This breakdown is provided by NHK Japan, and this information is culled from the Ministry of Heath in Japan.
NHK World, the english subsidiary, provides further information and a link to the toll-free information lines for tourists in Japan, as well as daily updates to total infections and deaths.
The Japan Times has a Covid-19 Live Thread that is updated daily with relevant information and articles, as well as links in the side bar for commonly asked, or important information.
The Johns Hopkins CSSE map is another source for confirmation of cases in Japan and worldwide. This map shows breakdown by location in Japan specifically.


10/01 - From NHK News - 'Go To Eat' Dining-Out Campaign Kicks Off. Through the program, diners can earn points when they make reservations at restaurants through booking websites. Fifteen booking websites, including Gurunavi and Tabelog, have been designated for the program.


September 2020 Summary - Confirmed Cases - 84,414 - Deaths - 1,588
September was a smattering of news regarding tourism, as places like Okinawa began to ease a State Of Emergency due to a surge in local cases. The IOC began to edge towards the idea of easing virus restrictions for athletes that would compete in the 2021 Olympics, and the WHO admitted a vaccine that was tested and proven safe would be unlikely until mid-2021. The IOC did confirm their resolve that the 2021 Games would happen, with or without Covid-19, and by the end of September, they began the task of cutting costs intended to simplify the Games in order to have measures in place to counter the pandemic concerns from the international community.
August 2020 Summary - Confirmed Cases - 68,200 - Deaths - 1,285
As we made our way into August concern about Obon in Japan began to rise, as infections in Tokyo especially began to increase. Tokyo's Governor began asking residents to refrain from traditional travel to hometowns, and to stay home as much as possible to curb the spread. Meanwhile, the Government worked on plans to convene an expert panel to shore up defense against the virus. Full-fledged antigen testing started at Narita, in preparation for re-opening the borders to business entry, and allowance of residents to return home. This test is saliva based, allowing a faster return time on results, but all new arrivals to Japan are still required to comply with a 14 day quarantine - many in hotels before they can return to their proper residences. Late August confirmed what many had feared - Japan was enduring a second wave of the outbreak of COVID-19. Tateda Kazuhiro of Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases said, "We are now in the midst of a second wave. People may think coronavirus infections have peaked out, both in Tokyo and nationwide. But we need to closely monitor the situation for whether a resurgence is underway." Tateda said the situation may be worse now than a few months back. The Japanese Government finally announced that re-entry for Residents of Japan with certain statuses would be allowed as of September 1st. Detailed on the MOFA website, this opens up the borders for Foreign Residents who have status for re-entry - namely “Permanent Resident”,”Spouse or Child of Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident” and “Long Term Resident” (including the spouse of a Japanese national or Japanese child who does not have these statuses of residence; the same applies hereinafter) - and those who have special exceptional circumstances as noted by the Embassy of their home country. As the month wound down, Japan Airlines revealed a new check-in machine for Arrivals to Japan, Two machines will be tested until September 15. After this, Japan Airlines will decide whether to go ahead with a full-scale roll out of the machines based on passengers' reactions. All Nippon Airways has allowed passengers traveling with infants, and those transferring from international flights, to complete domestic check-in online. Until recently, the company had requested that such passengers stop by the check-in counter.
July 2020 Summary - Confirmed Cases - 35,521 - Deaths - 1,020
As July started, Tokyo confirmed another 67 cases and the Government began to prepare for a possible surge in infections citywide. While the IOC continued to state that the decision to hold off on the Olympics in 2021 can wait until later, Japan began to look to reopening the borders to specific people, as certain citizens are already allowed to begin travel to Japan for business and work purposes. Major airports began to set up PCR test centers to help restore Int'l travel but cases began to rise again in the city and around the country. Coronavirus cases exceeded 30,000 in late July, and the Governor of Tokyo is exploring the possibility of calling another State of Emergency for the city in August. Okinawa Gov. Denny Tamaki is expected to also declare a state of emergency after the prefecture reported 72 new cases, posting a record for five straight days, according to the Okinawa Times.
June 2020 Summary - Confirmed Cases - 18,631 - Deaths - 972
In early June, Tokyo began the move to Step 2 of the recovery plan after the previous SOE was lifted, but faced a spike in infections shortly thereafter. They also added another 18 countries to the Ban Entry list, and confirmed suspiciouns that the IOC would require the Olympics to be held in 2021 - or not at all. The IOC says they will have a plan finalized for the 2021 Olympics in September 2020. Mid-month, the Japanese government revealed it was beginning a plan to allow up to 250 businesspeople into the country each day from areas like Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. Cancellations continued with the announcement that the Formula 1 race held in Japan would be cancelled this year, but reopenings were also declared at Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disney Parks. Businesspeople from Vietnam became the first to be allowed into the country after a long closure to flights due to the virus. At the end of the month, Japan declared the border closure to continue into July, and added another 18 nations to the entry ban.
May 2020 Summary - Confirmed Cases - 16,759 - Deaths - 882
The State of Emergency that began in April was extended in May due to the strain presented on the medical system, even though daily infections were seeing a downturn. A mere 10 days later, it was revealed the SOE would be lifted in 39 prefectures, but remain in places like Tokyo, Hokkaido and Osaka to further alleviate concerns with the health care system. 12 more countries were added to the Travel Ban list in the meantime. The SOE was later lifted for the areas still covered, such as Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido after consultation with the COVID-19 panel. It was also revealed that if the Tokyo Olympics could not go on in 2021 due to COVID-19 spread, they would be cancelled outright, although the IOC advised they are doing their best to plan for as many possible outcomes as they could. Kitakyushu, newly reopened, began to see a rise in the spread of infections and immediately began closing attractions to curb the spread. The current round of closures is expected to last until at least June 18th. Finally, after widespread confusion, Japan quelled rumours it would pay for half of tourists' expenses as a poorly sourced article had indicated. This article was clarified in english to state that the credit would only apply to local, domestic tourism within the country - and as there is no indication the borders will reopen any time soon it is prudent to advise this will not apply to International tourists at all. As new cases begin to surface again in Tokyo, the Minister in charge of the virus response says there are no plans in place to revive the State Of Emergency for Tokyo or Kitakyushu.
April 2020 Summary - Confirmed Cases - 14,119 - Deaths - 435
With the virus increasing in spread Japan began increasing travel restrictions into the country on April 3rd, including Canada, the UK, Greece and most of Europe. As travel restrictions increased and flights were getting scarce, foreigners were given an automatic Visa Renewal of 3 months, no application necessary. A State of Emergency was declared, initially for only 7 prefectures, but it was then shifted nationwide on April 16th further restricting movement to, from, and within the country. On April 29th, Japan added 14 more countries to the ban list, barring citizens or those who had traveled to many parts of Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.
March 2020 Summary
The reality of the pandemic spread began to set in worldwide and countries began issuing Travel Advisories to their citizens and urging them to return home immediately. 14 day quarantine on arrival for some countries was requested by officials, and towards the end of the month, Japan posted travel bans for citizens from China, Korea, the USA and parts of Europe that were already seeing a large increase in the spread of the virus. The Tokyo Olympics were postponed officially, with a re-start date of July 23rd, 2021 being selected. Trains in Japan began to set slower schedules, due to the lack of tourists and locals traveling in order to curb the spread of the virus.
January 2020 Summary
01/31 - The NHK has published an article reporting that JNTO has a phone number to call should tourists currently in Japan require assistance. The Japan National Tourism Organization is offering phone consultation services for foreign tourists who are concerned about the new strain of coronavirus. The Japan Visitor Hotline offers 24-hour services in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. The hotline can refer callers who may be infected with the virus to the nearest medical institution. It also provides information on measures to prevent infection such as hand washing and gargling. The organization encourages foreign tourists to call if they have any concerns. The hotline number is 050-3816-2787. Calling from Overseas? Use: +81-50-3816-2787
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2020.10.01 01:17 SnooCompliments1696 The Horror of Neonatal Circumcision

When it comes to loss of sexual function and sensitivity: people vastly underestimate the harm and dysfunction that neonatal circumcision does. So here are some dirty secrets that most American doctors don't tell parents.
Here's the first one: There is no such thing as "foreskin" from a biological standpoint. It doesn't describe what it is scientifically, but rather, what it does: overhang the glans penis. It's simply a part of a singular penile system. What neonatal circumcision actually does is delete parts of the penis and cause immense damage to it shortly after birth. Even circumcised men have what is called inner foreskin. It's the sensitive tissue after your circumcision scar.
It almost always guts the entire frenular delta - the ridged band/frenulum loop - on the dorsal side of the penis. Study after study has found it to be the most pleasurable part of the penis. A 2007 British Journal of Urology study by Sorrells et al. found that routine neonatal circumcision almost always removes the five most sensitive parts of the male genitalia: the ridged band, orifice rim, the frenulum at the slit, the frenulum near the ridged band, and the frenulum near the mucocutaneous junction. This means that neonatal circumcision removes the most pleasurable and sensitive parts of the penis: "the male g-spot." The discoverer of the frenular delta, Australian pathologist Ken McGrath, has even made an informative video describing why neonatal circumcision is a uniquely sexually destructive intervention versus one done as an adult.
Here's another dirty secret: Neonatal and adult circumcision isn't at the same thing. The only thing they share in common is that all of the ridged bands and much of the foreskin is removed. The foreskin and glans are fused at birth, and, thus, must be forcefully separated: causing the glans penis to become a lifelong scar. The highly pleasurable frenulum is almost always destroyed or substantially damaged (>95%), the neurological development of the glans becomes substantially aborted and changed, and the damage is (in opposition to popular belief) much worse. They are two quite different procedures — with different effects on sexuality and pleasure — something that is not reflected in studies in adults. Adult circumcision is often described by those who have undergone it as more like a trade-off: In return for generally making masturbation more difficult, and certain sexual positions and activities impossible, the glans is stimulated more during sex. Neonatal circumcision doesn't share this. It's all cost and no benefit. This is why neonatally circumcised men complain and many men circumcised as adults wonder what the big deal is. They underwent operations with two different outcomes. Men who underwent it as teenagers or adults (especially because of something such as phimosis) "did not see both sides."
Highly cited studies that say that circumcision doesn't affect sexual pleasure, such as Bossio (2016) and Morris (2013), suffer from substantial flaws. They all actually confirm the 2007 BJU study by Sorrells et al. (e.g. only testing the parts of the penis not removed in circumcision, assuming adult and neonatal circumcision is the same, using test subjects that had unhealthy foreskin amputated, etc.) Additionally: they forget to mention any sexual activities that involve the ridged bands, frenulum, and prepuce are, by definition, prevented. These forms of sexual stimulation, pleasure, and manipulation generally have great subjective value in intact men, and it is not unreasonable for someone who was neonatally circumcised to view it as a sexual harm and violation.
Don't believe me? You can test it yourself. Intact men will notice that the most sensitive and pleasurable parts of their penis are the ridged bands at the top of their foreskin, the frenulum on the dorsal side of their penis, the inner foreskin, and the glans penis. Ask yourself if you would want those parts gutted from your body shortly after birth. I don't think so. Remember: If you cut something off: you can't feel it or use it. So circumcision does affect sensation: You can't feel something if you cut it off. And it does affect function. You can not engage in any sexual activities with tissue that has been removed from the body.
For circumcised individuals: the most pleasurable part of your penis is whatever remains of your frenulum, if it still exists, then your circumcision scar, then your inner foreskin, and then your glans.
Pretty horrifying. Right? Here's another thing: many of the people pushing circumcision are alleged to have sexual fetishes surrounding circumcision. Google the Gilgal Society. Many members of this group have influential positions in government, medicine, and healthcare surrounding this topic. That's even more upsetting. Isn't it?
I've done my research.
Both male and female genital cutting have often historically originated from the same principle: the control of human sexuality. The modern form of neonatal circumcision was historically designed (and approved of!) to desensitize the male genitalia until the sexual revolution of the 1960s. It is directly based upon Brit Per'iah. This version performed by the vast majority of Jews and American doctors is not even the same as the Abrahamic covenant of Genesis 17: but a radicalized form that was not instituted until 150 AD after the war of Bar Kokba. Your son won't "look like Jesus." And it's a sin to circumcise for religious reasons under the new covenant, anyway.
Per'iah was universally agreed upon and intended to be sexually harmful until the modern era. And this was widely and universally shared by every major religious and political thinker of the time. Maimonides, Philo, etc., etc., etc., et al. They reasoned quite correctly that if you remove the parts of the penis most responsive to light touch, cause significant damage to the glans penis, and neurological damage at the earliest stage of life, you will decrease the pleasure of sex and increase instances of sexual dysfunction.
There are common forms of female genital cutting that are less sexually destructive than the routine neonatal circumcisions performed in American hospitals. A good instance of this is female genital cutting in Malaysia: where, often, a slight part of a women's clitoral hood is removed. This is the biological analog to the foreskin in men: just as the clitoris and penis develop from the same structure, so, to, do the foreskin and clitoral hood. The World Health Organization considers the women who have undergone this form of FGC as being violated and victims of sexual assault. Despite the fact that doctors can often not tell if these women have been genitally cut at all. Even a ritual nick on a women is illegal: regardless of religious, cultural, or moral reasons. The same protection is interestingly not provided to men and intersex individuals: which seems like a clear violation of the American Constitution's equal protection clause. If a ritual nick on a girl is illegal: why is a ritual nick on a boy legal?
This seems unconstitutional. Right?
I'm not the only one who has noticed.
Douglas Diekema, who served and adviced the AAP's 2012 Task Force on Circumcision, of the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees with my viewpoint:
[It] would remove no tissue, would not touch any significant organ but, rather [it] would be a small nick of the clitoral hood which is the equivalent of the male foreskin - nothing that would scar, nothing that would do damage... We’re talking about something far less extensive than the removal of foreskin in a male.
He thinks that they should legalize "minor" FGM in 2010 for this very reason.
As Earp (2015) writes:
When people talk about ‘FGM’ they are usually thinking of the most severe forms of female genital cutting, done in the least sterile environments, with the most drastic consequences likeliest to follow – even though research suggests that these forms are the exception rather than the rule. When people talk about ‘male circumcision’, by contrast, they are (apparently) thinking of the least severe forms of male genital cutting, done in the most sterile environments, with the least drastic consequences likeliest to follow – perhaps because this is the form with which they are culturally familiar.
Type 1a FGC removes the clitoral hood, Type IIa FGC can be something such as a neonatal labiaplasty, and Type IV can just be a ritual nick. When most people are referring to FGC/FGM: they are probably referring to most forms of Type II and Type III female genital cutting. I agree. Those forms of genital alteration are more sexually destructive than the form of neonatal circumcisions performed in many Western countries. But it is a vast oversimplification of a very complicated topic.
Both forced male and female genital cutting is ethically the same: the removal of erogenous tissue against the consent of the individual it is being performed against. And they are both justified through cultural and religious traditions, a desire for their son or daughter to conform to the society around them, a belief that the altered genitalia is more sexually attractive, myths surrounding hygiene, and alleged benefits of health.
Just read the articles. Yeah, I call routine neonatal circumcision mutilation. It's substantially destructive from a sexually sensory perspective: as has been known for centuries. The Western conception of MGC/FGC is an artifical seperation arising from cultural bias and normality. Rather than generally being a consistent application of ethics, historical data, anthropology, or morality.
Don't let anyone gaslight you on this. /Foregen is working on a solution: but it may be a decade off. Unfortunately: The neurological and vessal damage, and scarring, notably to the entire glans penis, will likely persist, regardless.
The most important thing everyone here can do for now is to break the cycle is not circumcise any of your kids. And if you have the money, time, and effort: openly express these facts to parents, donate monthly to ForeGen, and perhaps even join an intactivist organization such as Intact America.
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2020.09.30 23:03 togaquest HELP: POST URL for automating not fluid

The POST URL I am grabbing is fixed on a one day date range, meaning it is not updating. I need the POST URL to pull the date from the last day, not be stuck on one day far in the past because the script is running daily to email data from that day.
Anyone know how to do this?
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2020.09.30 15:33 cheesymarie Confusing email from Sheffield office re: fiancé visa application

Hi all,
Got this email from [email protected] this am which states (see below). For further context: I’m applying for a fiancé visa to join my partner in the uk. Had my biometrics done 8/31 and uploaded all documents prior to my appointment and have a receipt showing that my documents were all uploaded. I mailed my passport and stamped biometric receipt on 8/31 and it arrived the next day. Received a text from the UK Processing Hub in NY on 9/8 confirming that they’d received my application package. So what’s the deal with this email? Thanks to anyone who can help!
“Thank you for your online application which has been received at the UK Decision Making Centre. Your application is currently being prepared for consideration by an Entry Clearance Officer.
PLEASE NOTE: This email is to acknowledge receipt of your Settlement application, if you or your sponsor have not already submitted supporting documentation please ensure you follow the process listed below: UKVI is unable to consider your application without these documents.
Please ensure that your supporting documents are submitted within 5 working days of this email.
Can you or your sponsoRep send your settlement visa application along with supporting documents to New York at the following address:
UK Scan Hub 145 West 45th Street Floor 5 New York NY 10036
Passport and Supporting Documents should be shipped to/from the above address following your biometric appointment.
This Location does not see any applicant neither by walk in or appointment basis.
Supporting documents should be sent as soon as possible and should include your GWF number. With your supporting documents you should include your application, passport and biometric data. Along with a suitable sized pre-paid envelope for your documents to be returned.
For further information please visit: www.vfsglobal.co.uk/us/en/vacs/supporting-documents
If we do not receive your supporting documents within 5 working days your application will be processed based on the information provided in the Visa Application Form.
No further request for your supporting documentation will be issued.
With all correspondence please ensure you quote the above GWF reference number. Yours sincerely,
UK Decision Making Centre
This is an automated message - please do not respond to this email address as incoming mail is not answered. UKVI contact details can be found at www.gov.uk/contact-ukvi-outside-uk
Follow us online: www.gov.uk/fcdo
This email is intended for the addressee(s) only. All messages sent and received by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office may be monitored in line with relevant UK legislation
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2020.09.30 14:57 JauneSiriusWhut Old & new spots throughout the USA

G550 4x4 (FL)
R8 V10 Spyder 2013 (IL)
Never seen this Singer before! (FL)
This is a cool one! A Superlite SL-C! (FL)
(2015) Nice 360 Modena (CA)
Red 991 Turbo S Mk2 (GA)
(2014) 996 GT2! (CA)
(2018) Cool Avendador I haven't seen before! (CA)
Nice colored RR SVR 2018 (CA)
Awesome baby blue RS5 Coupe! (TX)
(2018) Baby blue 991 GT3 Mk2 (TX)
(2012) Phantom Coupe in a small town in NY! (NY)
(2018) GranTurismo, 488 Spider & 991 Turbo Cabrio Mk2 (NY)
(2018) 991 Turbo S Mk1 (NY)
(2018) Nice GTC Speed 2016 (NY)
Cullinan! (TX)
Wraith (RI)
(2014) Conti GT SuperSports (FL)
Nice Ghost (AZ)
Cool AMG GT-C (CA)
Maybach 57 (CA)
991 GT3 (AZ)
C63 AMG Cabriolet Ocean Edition (NY)
Nice Dawn! (CA)
AMG GT 4 door (CA)
570S Spider (CA)
Viper SRT-10 (MI)
Rapide S (FL)
Yellow California T (rare it seems!) (AZ)
Evora (CA)
Urus (CA)
Huracan Performante! (CA)
What's with this spoiler… (CA)
Very blue G63 AMG (CA)
AMV12 Vantage (FL)
Orange M3 F80 (CA)
Huracan Performante Spyder! (CA)
Camaro ZL1 & M4 (CA)
R8 V10 Spyder & RR SVR 2018 (IL)
Phantom (CA)
GTC4Lusso (CA)
(2016) 996 GT3 Mk2 (CA)
(2018) AMV12 Vantage (MN)
Wraith (CA)
996 GT2 & California T (CA)
Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab (CA)
991 GT3 Touring & E63 AMG (CA)
(2015) 458 Spider (MI)
Awesome F12berlinetta (FL)
S650 Maybach Cabriolet! (FL)
(2014) 997 GT3 RS Mk2 (FL)
(DealeImport, but who cares!) Aston Martin V12 Zagato! (TX)
(2018) AMG GT Facelift (MD)
(2016) DBS Volante (CA)
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2020.09.30 12:40 caramel_member I have to admit, I’ve been waiting for this day when I can share the SEPTEMBER news with you, guys. The cyber world was ON FIRE this month!

Lots of news and events, so I think it’s a pretty good time to start weekly news reviews. Also - if you find interesting news related to cyber world, privacy, VPN - share it with the community. Stay safe, guys!
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2020.09.30 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collected 76 jobs published in last 24h

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.09.30 07:42 Lamont-Cranston The Koch/Republican network

I do not believe what is going in America has to do with Russian interference, I believe it can be much more clearly explained and understood as powerful domestic interests asserting their control.
The Koch/Republican network is taking - over - state - legislatures across the country: closing voting stations in minority areas, purging voters, engaging in extreme gerrymandering of districts and efforts to oppose this through popular ballots are restricted, disenfranchising voters, engaging in "vote caging", preventing students from voting, enacting nebulous signature mismatch rules, as well as onerous1 2 Voter ID laws1 written by ALEC, a group that also hosts gerrymandering tutorials, changing the rules of governance to make their control permanent and legal, and at a Council for National Policy seminar the need to bring back 'poll watcher' intimidation tactics has been discussed.
Should they manage to lose elections in spite of all these efforts they vow to redouble them using lame duck sessions before the changeover to impede the new government, strip Governors of power, and reassign legislative authority; some become angry and paranoid and start advocating violence, others brazenly admit what they are doing. A Heritage Foundation fellow addressing the Council for National Policy candidly admits that Republican Party results would be hampered by Voting Rights protections and non-partisan districting. In states they no longer have a majority they simply resort to wrecking the legislative process.
On the other hand in North Carolina despite having gerrymandered the legislature and congressional districts they have bizarrely insisted on engaging in unnecessary electoral fraud.
All of this is being carried out by state legislatures, Secretaries of State, Attorneys General, and Governors1 the Kochs have contributed to and directed their network of fake grassroots fronts like Americans for Prosperity to campaign for them in elections and many are members of ALEC. Some even come directly from the Koch network. Once they have achieved office and solidified their power with this campaign they begin a new second campaign of serving their powerful backers introducing legislation written by ALEC - ALEC is a policy institute/'model legislation' generating body staffed with industry lobbyists and elected representatives, it was founded in the 1970s by Paul Weyrich, also the co-founder of The Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy and who famously declared at a meeting of Republican Party representatives that he did not want everyone to vote and that in order for the party to win elections they need fewer people to vote, today it is heavily funded by the Kochs and Koch Industries is on its corporate advisory board, and it coordinates with their fronts through the State Policy Network and Americans for Prosperity campaigns for its members - that personally benefit Koch Industries like limiting liability claims on its subsidiaries and freezing renewable energy and efficiency standards, labor and industrial and environmental deregulation, tax cuts for the rich which coupled with supermajority laws is the cause of the drop in rural healthcare and education funding, which is then used to rationalize the privatisation of education through charter schools and push resegregation, stack the judiciary, oppose and even criminalize Dark Money disclosure, criminalize oil pipeline protests, and gerrymander Congress so their preferred candidates get in.
A byproduct of this process is religious fundamentalists and extreme far right elements gain positions in state legislatures through serving elite corporate interests and use the enormous legislative power now amassed to carry out their own agenda.
You fight this in the court and either they've stacked them or the judges rule in your favor and they just try again and replace the judges for the next round. If it goes to the federal courts either they rule in their favor or its litigated for so long the courts declare its too late to change. Meaning that in North Carolina a 50.3% electoral result grants them 10 of the 13 Congressional seats, and in Wisconsin they gain 63% of the state legislature on 46% of the vote. So of course they now try to delay changing for the 2020 election. In Georgia a judicial election was simply cancelled and the new judge appointed by the governor. All of this is being carried out under the accusation that other people are committing voter fraud, which courts have dismissed as conjecture.
Now they're doing the same thing nationally. Trumps Vice President1, Secretary of State1, and administration positions are staffed with Koch cronies. More are being appointed to the Federal Reserve, regulatory and oversight positions at the Department of Energy, Department of the Interior where they shut down reports by declaring "science is a Democrat thing" and at the EPA where they usher in corporate friendly deregulation benefiting their former employers and endangering lives, the FCC, and NOAA. And supporting his Supreme Court nominations123.
Key components of the Trump administrations policies come straight out of the Koch agenda. Trumps original tax plan while it did include numerous taxcuts for the rich also included a Border Adjustment Tax that would have rendered them revenue neutral so as not to add to the deficit and encourage domestic manufacturing. You have to give the devil his due. After lobbying from the Koch network this was removed and the Paul Ryan plan was pure taxcuts for the rich, increasing the deficit by a trillion and personally saved the Kochs a billion dollars. The attacks on Medicaid and food stamps, rollback of auto emission standards, attacks on environmental regulation, and disastrous cutbacks to the CDC all come straight from their playbook. They spent 400 million on the 2018 midterms and across the country they are lobbying for 'right to work' laws and organising campaigns against Public Transit ballots.
The question Trumps Commerce Secretary wished to include into the 2020 Census regarding citizenship status originate from the same Republican strategist that designed the REDMAP gerrymandering initiative and his own research concluded the question would favor rural white citizens over others via intimidating minorities into not participating, ensuring Census data would be skewed allowing for district boundaries to be further gerrymandered as well as Electoral College votes + federal spending to be apportioned incorrectly.
What else do they want, how far does this go? A key influence on the Kochs was the economist James McGill Buchanan who advocated for "locks and bolts" to be instituted in government to limit the publics democratic ability to influence it so that the free market can be free. Like state legislatures requiring a supermajority to raise taxes or to approve cities funding public transportation, and gerrymandering legislatures and disenfranchising voters to gain that majority. The ultimate goal is to hardwire this into the Constitution itself and the Koch network has been active in campaigning for a Constitutional Convention. They have three items on the agenda for it already:
And now amidst the chaos of 2020 President Trumps administration and state Republican law makers are trying to introduce a range of measures to prohibit mail-in voting and other initiatives like trying to restrict providing assistance to others to get to polling stations to restricting ballots from being received after Election Day to restricting early and mail-in ballot counting to only begin on Election Day to simply demanding they not be counted because reasons, attempts are being made to demand the result be called on Election Day, and to cap it all off the USPS has had key mail sorting infrastructure shut down or dismantled which will delay the collection and delivery of mail-in ballots – all adding up to ensure many mail-in votes would go uncounted due to being delayed or a lack of time to process them. Now there are reports that they are trying to get electors appointed to the Electoral College that will disregard the results.
I do not know yet how much of this comes from the Koch network, certainly the attempts to deter mail-in voting have many familiar faces and groups, and how much from the Presidents own pathology. But his rhetoric and efforts are certainly built upon the anti-election and anti-democratic infrastructure they have developed and the baseless voter fraud gaslighting groups like ALEC and the Heritage Foundation generated to justify it all.
In any other country you'd call this a soft coup.
How do you stop this?
You can't vote them out, the gerrymandering and disenfranchisement ensure their minority has a majority of power.
Where is the Democratic Party while this goes on? In 2018 their biggest concern was avoiding scary words and creating the... BoomerCorps. Now in 2020 amidst a variety of disasters their focus has been on calling President Trump fat, saying he has "doggy doo" on his pants, and harping on about alleged Russian interference.
So what the hell do you do?
submitted by Lamont-Cranston to AmericanFascism2020 [link] [comments]

2020.09.30 07:24 Winner-Popular Is it possible to send request headers that are generated upon request in a http request?

I'm trying to log in to a website using Node.JS requests (I'm using Axios to do this) and I recieve error code 416 when I try to send a POST request to the API, it knows I'm a bot and blocks me from logging in.

However, I am able to send the request when I include these headers
 "exj5wzxnuf-a": "RbupF1JTWdsUNt03FvNScODb3Vl_ZSzaiJNyGwZu2bXiXp-IshPd5uoY8Z7WOzDwjw8qmiMjqdsG4Kn7h3WvZK04aYVKSLNOw5jVNlxHSdA5yMMRlSdhu_WfedQAuO2dxFL8CKMgR4MfZLaKQSwDuf2s_HLsN9qrkJMJPE3yAHCgJRcP6MuhgvHSpCoT1bW9wOmC1xAJFiW0O_iIO8RlJLElAfnopHBLVN4LxenPYRQ767FvzAygORJSQi-we43bz-wdLT8rxtngMmhawxDG4MN3a3flJyTBzhoChQJ4bg8f7IUELNEY-zjuhyImWmtGb080P1foY707Su87CWaHTxarOb8g22BVlKv35fOsycSLMHt6C4msCw-RFem7ZboZ5AsfM_OrOaf_LlgiwqLG7I-mZNt_19RGTxoVnJU5p_MSDpu-tchmm-Dl2uzzvX7mKA30bCRQqDvwHZtxLed1rqQaqNE5PII5ma23zPhYNfILA1HHoVkeenZGgG7Py0IQJotJqRDidncR6Rm6lRL0VETgthfxyiFHFIdN62LTp-XWjgyyl6xfBh16Wh88TB8oW2jBhIGg3Aa-dbpRXSGXxbWUUWwS-tF63X2laAzekoF57xheQUId7NCuacxH9ZpI76gb0_L5ZOZ9ZwslhkjvjqmppI5akllrb6bpK69N3kXiYyGbI5fvfPnEvgKIweqmtBmPr1psgLBGWkGZ_yjU15jUxjJowd581jJo0u_qscrwNOTQ2ctNDg0eUTzDKO5gYYrwby1M1XJeD9SHNVmKSw3qzfrZvOpcPfztGEcgc4z3zHAbNIPOGFVe7-i4z_jiHV9pJ9Vo6x33NuuLrwo8-P8GuFWP1ht6ETyR0HOuWK2wp7ERRcS5qXk_vEJQi9Cbh1eNerBfZgnU4_lNe3ZTbkv3Uibn0h-XhNC_zAtkU5OmXi6roENE0DBEAgOreR_P5PM-FtSvTj6axR6jdKcb0MmnBlrrdKpQxQHl2N_sjUOkBGGMniAmkq-nqzVs_oseI46teoEBAmjzza4YrkQniF6g-kfnyEMO980LciR7FWPYmqPRwk3B3VQ3Arp6FzRN84HcyJWX831s4xD1EyMgKwGW12P45HGJb2NgAs7Dgs4-o6241T2bargKgea3lHdsSHwc4_YMfgmNW9UzVksPpXWRrMUHEO37dR6DRCyK_DMJKAKRxq0nBOtgzL7MS-kCs9kDv4vhOCHiCg6CzGuZzR73ZE-z9B_Q05FllS3ah-eBsYO6XZJKD-q2DiSIsWmPR5su-8JNG2tcvOa5xMLfT2b9f2S52GI4k05McaAmCSe7xYMSRWWysDc3v0aXBY_lvHpQv4dODHOpsL1BkQG5DSYtuc_mkA8ThbeaS2YCbPAnd-aaW9hfER7r8yarsHe4zKJPxENEAvzgpZdaxIYt480rYxc_vkUg6QJg_rNJbOGi1jin7EYeSsDVuju1FPTQlvPrjU8IIStbPum0GtS8BRnhPGp7C5m6yBX3uQKX2XvrP1X5NY81fLmtTk_b_KNgLfAHqPE08SvDdiG6CvxHVbmz9IEKLHSW_ljwAjXzMGjerZIV19BqSSA1A1667cMW0M5WZNIg5trQmKeb4ciyjYmsuJSFxkljtlH4hDPJ5IbVn88Jg4wYOjF7CW8HU9mrHysIbvqapGj2EQg7dm68Y-yugi0hIqhllFaShZ-ySvewEhXOXo4gYDwZKfirrmxIYdL9QWJHiHM9Gyi7PsyIdv1CBYA6x-EtRQqeBoYe0-4yfA9zUKtFpaCPLDdC1tS713ymqhM8K8mleh6zINuUCpQMMSY6cyCvgaMVC2qESnUKh1OyFlrVymucxGx6jt3aCyNheHIus4WORs-6qxIoOWApAFqdIZE1s9tjRlnVqHhLe89D7ZrL9RzE_KbPSCAL7cUL5ZWGC3WCnwjKC9STulKpQKzXJUq4atBF1eUHh9MFmUPvF5iaevIEmLm0rRJ0HK9LOj-K3-h0-SyFFidFV71cUQvuoR9lmeqgmrjlCHy4DO5-BpCxkABJu_Z2HeZcmLUWJMQWObO7I9XXsGqlIdmrcV1XupMJYSVi4a7mJy6b4JJAAqho6hMIR6bla6ICS1Mv14O1ww4prbsVX-nfRCiH20d1QIWdw8knlb_Rv3BsbhmudQM8kt0gj5qVDkHg_2mly4g42dKo65HJajSpO8LfOo49H3rUc3Yb_FGwf7bMaFFdvBoX33KBMMzng6sh6uhRuFfNao9HAu9sjJVM7idm4wCb7LSSDlDYxodlhh4Ebl1-6gTc3IxbUOzTP5BNMWPWMjN2GajHXND0D9UVawV3511FW56G4k01TcEUFFbI-rT7c1fLgZUgi0dpj0hnNDUlhMMMxeWE7bnhITbDd6pwK5kjdbqgmkpt4WE4PGC0sOOq8QVRVEN4SnQpkzBJwcoohKlsUO63gZ5BL0pb6BjLm8zKRzMqrIwiG6F4xGv13VDus5-zCfe6m1LUbHmCcWTep4Z0o0yu_io2g4ANczihgaWQ6h4bg5C_mYxXKVkutDRh6hMeTK9_baVlGHYHaZMZw_Ok0MtYJ-um21bO_COCuAg_vOBcjaw8zdIis5_Jb1mWIJ9eytU4pYR2DGjTHIGTcAT_tzIbU7TT04XeU9PGVr4cCht6VI8O51adBcITp-ysj7wGFc1wXvz0Quv4Y7Zy3s2h-dhdt8elGBxn56PKE2wx-SrKWZ5WBr47ZHOQfqQ_JBit-bIexxEWIuGohXRx_a-BvsFwD5v5mna0xfbpfB7zO4EFI5lRZ2Gb0aPKTWk0cQHGpaB4ingDGSfJZ5uTmmODEcYGtcd5MZii9ASYg7i3MrrqYU6NkgM_jeRC98daTugim29NU9MZfPf9HISmqj9Ov8awslRMItch1rkmsmKpWSjxRP0yLbgi8AUpVFWZuuz8UQoe82OqRBfug9bVYyi5Ek8k0IfsyeCs_9q6_65gJ9uc8YA8VtyLb-OGTTZVsls_5E2DobAiCd75I9iQKWgneinZeXXZ0yPNemubOFTK30vb3HOcIwqojJuGnPp5ZmXRmrCzd6Z_3XiX2PKouMsPuv6ZEKAyLoAUdNcvmucI_m1U9lyIWPF0qibdL6QMoflsTOqOR04OIPTfOkklalegG9ba6NN3Ha9_IS84pOn3feRggQqLICt6BBk2xG3hqZxmtoPdos9EGKTK7aKyzalOfeqdK1-NdCug8wt2NmSxOsj01E8TpOjxNQ4-QjtD0aq0vp1nEEo3ifJvGpCURUSp15BmC2HTCUfT2fi7pQdXBJG_fjjplCqW0kQIoJCGMM6QuuQaMkBZskR1YJk1p8y_WT4jhw9eTCtyZGXioSjNS5je8Fzf0pKYZWNmYazPxfRcVs444i30Cy5PwWgA7_4X4zVwUPlmc3Y-tpuuM-KGBguYUKualz-AWrJVXgHHcHcyaT2jd1muhhLqARpX82_05vpE4ayAi-oudGrIaGkPlgWPkjpj2DgpsDNRaZgM3_Os19zogQqRis9zI5gVdErMyHhLRm0vEDP87wILXTXfkOJsH1Sttl7T1jVsHuIYNBmuPtgTGa9dQFEMpo73AzI9WHp6Y_esM2gac-tXMBjT4u_cC04pkjKd2yUQyVgYpdVE3o2whDayd1wIDV4-VUWVi9CG7rErLEW7hyOQuzzYMijQqiyZrwEG04cG1vgit8Au67bwB4zt9KTYMNMJoU5KKcqiBC3XUUvoudh2-BMmnpFByNfxTZz804rUT2KzQo976lvNIuMrGRVEZb3OcsEqVbz2_EUGF5bu5WXBRug5MJdqQ7qHM41RRwx9z-ovPnc32ojeBMbhSbd0MUD4meAgPJua-Emnvsuhs-eT-WZ3pIOSK-wENVthosZe1MzmHwPtT93ZSPUX8ztEWV_RcQlfVSw-pK9YlIriuAm-L4GazXB2rMpUxUoQ1fCyQ4bZQMGmQ29sprjPWk3lZ0PE-H_4_FFZdZnPHx8fU0nrDm02D5MPqRDT08sFBsyoFyIrG2_sZKL2ZoWa09_JbvvYp9YdLPeJ_73uZrwtR19CpHWXXf-uG0CtixbagAxSznd3XVjKBqulUPgjOcN72EMXkUvt9utYa4Dg5SBS7Tl66gGHa8VyULt0meFZbshyrWQnsDL1-oy8w3bHWeoupiLQ76Glz8oAnUO1jq9u44jzNwQsBmzK_DUNpSHxrLcb2HVU2uthNlVDBMMqhQ2hE-BuR6lH9CtrIgqlIaI4tv5gPxX_eaeO_6lH_xviXPgykoLc5evWQj_JVacpFHXFAoq8glh2MwyXwoWjEsjaGySA2--Glsl8B8wc-QuE4WnbQhh9fC4ho3FmSndbkeyuX-YWAczYrUWsJhLQZUHfpQQw3VSIijRmBBNe25KvmVUiwOZ5CQ_GlolI8YslpCP8GaSHVyOQCqLqoIQMNFUvxyWV_pFTWX1sTHSyi90punSep3CXIIUZPUy0-vKoCH-Q9CYvmMvppfv8F1HeGz9Vf-bSAbmq-Z6WDfJp2R7z8kPWAPIQMlVC5_Csgre6G08EsmggiafTxJiPyJ_oUVPgmHjxLkB7mmE-gWDFlbbrNn8S9mtnElyvtiwvQWvi6Xkln6elwUACnJt0_ZT4BUcb83kUEQ9yZR9Nytus-HYVD2tIb_Cz2yIbIqsfUFPd3y2oUUqvIB0me9zwQ5Cy3wOOKfZa2LJENIBHlczgJ9O2Pxz9Gf1I-pJIrC0rmFeVFTPozr3JIm7Q8T4dYny9Ddqk5aZbYtinHrG3ACH3FKHlfaPigd2kZav6o1C16e22-bFD_2_YjN89tDIRwf7jtWaHlmvUr8NPHk43h2tj4RVfJetfR-C7K2Ex91SgGBvwTfydKCakt0d-rRA3jwnPIYzTEjety_TcE4XAY-po48aTygY28WfJVKrURDOhaCCz0eXZn7iJcod_sj9Ar0ObmDeJnJsd3Ha2FGsqlCSBiC1noaNun3IVLh5yOotd_t0oq6C4D6eEBGI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The only issue with this is that these headers are only generated within the request object when I send the login request, is there any way that I'd be able to dynamically generate these headers myself just before I execute the POST request with Axios?

Here's the working Axios request which returns a status code of 200:
const usrPass = { username: "[email protected]", password: "password" }; axios.post('https://www.endclothing.com/gb/customeajax/login', usrPass, {headers: { "accept": "application/json, text/plain, */*", "accept-language": "en-GB,en-US;q=0.9,en;q=0.8", "content-type": "application/json", "exj5wzxnuf-a": "RbupF1JTWdsUNt03FvNScODb3Vl_ZSzaiJNyGwZu2bXiXp-IshPd5uoY8Z7WOzDwjw8qmiMjqdsG4Kn7h3WvZK04aYVKSLNOw5jVNlxHSdA5yMMRlSdhu_WfedQAuO2dxFL8CKMgR4MfZLaKQSwDuf2s_HLsN9qrkJMJPE3yAHCgJRcP6MuhgvHSpCoT1bW9wOmC1xAJFiW0O_iIO8RlJLElAfnopHBLVN4LxenPYRQ767FvzAygORJSQi-we43bz-wdLT8rxtngMmhawxDG4MN3a3flJyTBzhoChQJ4bg8f7IUELNEY-zjuhyImWmtGb080P1foY707Su87CWaHTxarOb8g22BVlKv35fOsycSLMHt6C4msCw-RFem7ZboZ5AsfM_OrOaf_LlgiwqLG7I-mZNt_19RGTxoVnJU5p_MSDpu-tchmm-Dl2uzzvX7mKA30bCRQqDvwHZtxLed1rqQaqNE5PII5ma23zPhYNfILA1HHoVkeenZGgG7Py0IQJotJqRDidncR6Rm6lRL0VETgthfxyiFHFIdN62LTp-XWjgyyl6xfBh16Wh88TB8oW2jBhIGg3Aa-dbpRXSGXxbWUUWwS-tF63X2laAzekoF57xheQUId7NCuacxH9ZpI76gb0_L5ZOZ9ZwslhkjvjqmppI5akllrb6bpK69N3kXiYyGbI5fvfPnEvgKIweqmtBmPr1psgLBGWkGZ_yjU15jUxjJowd581jJo0u_qscrwNOTQ2ctNDg0eUTzDKO5gYYrwby1M1XJeD9SHNVmKSw3qzfrZvOpcPfztGEcgc4z3zHAbNIPOGFVe7-i4z_jiHV9pJ9Vo6x33NuuLrwo8-P8GuFWP1ht6ETyR0HOuWK2wp7ERRcS5qXk_vEJQi9Cbh1eNerBfZgnU4_lNe3ZTbkv3Uibn0h-XhNC_zAtkU5OmXi6roENE0DBEAgOreR_P5PM-FtSvTj6axR6jdKcb0MmnBlrrdKpQxQHl2N_sjUOkBGGMniAmkq-nqzVs_oseI46teoEBAmjzza4YrkQniF6g-kfnyEMO980LciR7FWPYmqPRwk3B3VQ3Arp6FzRN84HcyJWX831s4xD1EyMgKwGW12P45HGJb2NgAs7Dgs4-o6241T2bargKgea3lHdsSHwc4_YMfgmNW9UzVksPpXWRrMUHEO37dR6DRCyK_DMJKAKRxq0nBOtgzL7MS-kCs9kDv4vhOCHiCg6CzGuZzR73ZE-z9B_Q05FllS3ah-eBsYO6XZJKD-q2DiSIsWmPR5su-8JNG2tcvOa5xMLfT2b9f2S52GI4k05McaAmCSe7xYMSRWWysDc3v0aXBY_lvHpQv4dODHOpsL1BkQG5DSYtuc_mkA8ThbeaS2YCbPAnd-aaW9hfER7r8yarsHe4zKJPxENEAvzgpZdaxIYt480rYxc_vkUg6QJg_rNJbOGi1jin7EYeSsDVuju1FPTQlvPrjU8IIStbPum0GtS8BRnhPGp7C5m6yBX3uQKX2XvrP1X5NY81fLmtTk_b_KNgLfAHqPE08SvDdiG6CvxHVbmz9IEKLHSW_ljwAjXzMGjerZIV19BqSSA1A1667cMW0M5WZNIg5trQmKeb4ciyjYmsuJSFxkljtlH4hDPJ5IbVn88Jg4wYOjF7CW8HU9mrHysIbvqapGj2EQg7dm68Y-yugi0hIqhllFaShZ-ySvewEhXOXo4gYDwZKfirrmxIYdL9QWJHiHM9Gyi7PsyIdv1CBYA6x-EtRQqeBoYe0-4yfA9zUKtFpaCPLDdC1tS713ymqhM8K8mleh6zINuUCpQMMSY6cyCvgaMVC2qESnUKh1OyFlrVymucxGx6jt3aCyNheHIus4WORs-6qxIoOWApAFqdIZE1s9tjRlnVqHhLe89D7ZrL9RzE_KbPSCAL7cUL5ZWGC3WCnwjKC9STulKpQKzXJUq4atBF1eUHh9MFmUPvF5iaevIEmLm0rRJ0HK9LOj-K3-h0-SyFFidFV71cUQvuoR9lmeqgmrjlCHy4DO5-BpCxkABJu_Z2HeZcmLUWJMQWObO7I9XXsGqlIdmrcV1XupMJYSVi4a7mJy6b4JJAAqho6hMIR6bla6ICS1Mv14O1ww4prbsVX-nfRCiH20d1QIWdw8knlb_Rv3BsbhmudQM8kt0gj5qVDkHg_2mly4g42dKo65HJajSpO8LfOo49H3rUc3Yb_FGwf7bMaFFdvBoX33KBMMzng6sh6uhRuFfNao9HAu9sjJVM7idm4wCb7LSSDlDYxodlhh4Ebl1-6gTc3IxbUOzTP5BNMWPWMjN2GajHXND0D9UVawV3511FW56G4k01TcEUFFbI-rT7c1fLgZUgi0dpj0hnNDUlhMMMxeWE7bnhITbDd6pwK5kjdbqgmkpt4WE4PGC0sOOq8QVRVEN4SnQpkzBJwcoohKlsUO63gZ5BL0pb6BjLm8zKRzMqrIwiG6F4xGv13VDus5-zCfe6m1LUbHmCcWTep4Z0o0yu_io2g4ANczihgaWQ6h4bg5C_mYxXKVkutDRh6hMeTK9_baVlGHYHaZMZw_Ok0MtYJ-um21bO_COCuAg_vOBcjaw8zdIis5_Jb1mWIJ9eytU4pYR2DGjTHIGTcAT_tzIbU7TT04XeU9PGVr4cCht6VI8O51adBcITp-ysj7wGFc1wXvz0Quv4Y7Zy3s2h-dhdt8elGBxn56PKE2wx-SrKWZ5WBr47ZHOQfqQ_JBit-bIexxEWIuGohXRx_a-BvsFwD5v5mna0xfbpfB7zO4EFI5lRZ2Gb0aPKTWk0cQHGpaB4ingDGSfJZ5uTmmODEcYGtcd5MZii9ASYg7i3MrrqYU6NkgM_jeRC98daTugim29NU9MZfPf9HISmqj9Ov8awslRMItch1rkmsmKpWSjxRP0yLbgi8AUpVFWZuuz8UQoe82OqRBfug9bVYyi5Ek8k0IfsyeCs_9q6_65gJ9uc8YA8VtyLb-OGTTZVsls_5E2DobAiCd75I9iQKWgneinZeXXZ0yPNemubOFTK30vb3HOcIwqojJuGnPp5ZmXRmrCzd6Z_3XiX2PKouMsPuv6ZEKAyLoAUdNcvmucI_m1U9lyIWPF0qibdL6QMoflsTOqOR04OIPTfOkklalegG9ba6NN3Ha9_IS84pOn3feRggQqLICt6BBk2xG3hqZxmtoPdos9EGKTK7aKyzalOfeqdK1-NdCug8wt2NmSxOsj01E8TpOjxNQ4-QjtD0aq0vp1nEEo3ifJvGpCURUSp15BmC2HTCUfT2fi7pQdXBJG_fjjplCqW0kQIoJCGMM6QuuQaMkBZskR1YJk1p8y_WT4jhw9eTCtyZGXioSjNS5je8Fzf0pKYZWNmYazPxfRcVs444i30Cy5PwWgA7_4X4zVwUPlmc3Y-tpuuM-KGBguYUKualz-AWrJVXgHHcHcyaT2jd1muhhLqARpX82_05vpE4ayAi-oudGrIaGkPlgWPkjpj2DgpsDNRaZgM3_Os19zogQqRis9zI5gVdErMyHhLRm0vEDP87wILXTXfkOJsH1Sttl7T1jVsHuIYNBmuPtgTGa9dQFEMpo73AzI9WHp6Y_esM2gac-tXMBjT4u_cC04pkjKd2yUQyVgYpdVE3o2whDayd1wIDV4-VUWVi9CG7rErLEW7hyOQuzzYMijQqiyZrwEG04cG1vgit8Au67bwB4zt9KTYMNMJoU5KKcqiBC3XUUvoudh2-BMmnpFByNfxTZz804rUT2KzQo976lvNIuMrGRVEZb3OcsEqVbz2_EUGF5bu5WXBRug5MJdqQ7qHM41RRwx9z-ovPnc32ojeBMbhSbd0MUD4meAgPJua-Emnvsuhs-eT-WZ3pIOSK-wENVthosZe1MzmHwPtT93ZSPUX8ztEWV_RcQlfVSw-pK9YlIriuAm-L4GazXB2rMpUxUoQ1fCyQ4bZQMGmQ29sprjPWk3lZ0PE-H_4_FFZdZnPHx8fU0nrDm02D5MPqRDT08sFBsyoFyIrG2_sZKL2ZoWa09_JbvvYp9YdLPeJ_73uZrwtR19CpHWXXf-uG0CtixbagAxSznd3XVjKBqulUPgjOcN72EMXkUvt9utYa4Dg5SBS7Tl66gGHa8VyULt0meFZbshyrWQnsDL1-oy8w3bHWeoupiLQ76Glz8oAnUO1jq9u44jzNwQsBmzK_DUNpSHxrLcb2HVU2uthNlVDBMMqhQ2hE-BuR6lH9CtrIgqlIaI4tv5gPxX_eaeO_6lH_xviXPgykoLc5evWQj_JVacpFHXFAoq8glh2MwyXwoWjEsjaGySA2--Glsl8B8wc-QuE4WnbQhh9fC4ho3FmSndbkeyuX-YWAczYrUWsJhLQZUHfpQQw3VSIijRmBBNe25KvmVUiwOZ5CQ_GlolI8YslpCP8GaSHVyOQCqLqoIQMNFUvxyWV_pFTWX1sTHSyi90punSep3CXIIUZPUy0-vKoCH-Q9CYvmMvppfv8F1HeGz9Vf-bSAbmq-Z6WDfJp2R7z8kPWAPIQMlVC5_Csgre6G08EsmggiafTxJiPyJ_oUVPgmHjxLkB7mmE-gWDFlbbrNn8S9mtnElyvtiwvQWvi6Xkln6elwUACnJt0_ZT4BUcb83kUEQ9yZR9Nytus-HYVD2tIb_Cz2yIbIqsfUFPd3y2oUUqvIB0me9zwQ5Cy3wOOKfZa2LJENIBHlczgJ9O2Pxz9Gf1I-pJIrC0rmFeVFTPozr3JIm7Q8T4dYny9Ddqk5aZbYtinHrG3ACH3FKHlfaPigd2kZav6o1C16e22-bFD_2_YjN89tDIRwf7jtWaHlmvUr8NPHk43h2tj4RVfJetfR-C7K2Ex91SgGBvwTfydKCakt0d-rRA3jwnPIYzTEjety_TcE4XAY-po48aTygY28WfJVKrURDOhaCCz0eXZn7iJcod_sj9Ar0ObmDeJnJsd3Ha2FGsqlCSBiC1noaNun3IVLh5yOotd_t0oq6C4D6eEBGI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2020.09.30 02:42 shylock92008 Veteran National Security Journalist Elaine Shannon Attempts to Debunk Hector Berrellez & THE LAST NARC: TV Spies: Amazon’s Wacky CIA Drug War Conspiracy Flick Draws Qanon Raves 'The Last Narc' docudrama peddles a conspiracy theory that the CIA had a hand in the murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

Jack Lawn and Elaine Shannon don't read the Los Angeles Times?
There were plenty of headlines back in 1990 mentioning CIA, Contras and cartels:

TV Spies: Amazon’s Wacky CIA Drug War Conspiracy Flick Draws Qanon Raves

'The Last Narc' docudrama peddles a conspiracy theory that the CIA had a hand in the murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena.

📷Elaine Shannon Sep 27
Does the world need another Deep State conspiracy theory?
Amazon Studios obviously thinks so.
In these grim times, with tens of millions of Americans frightened, angry and ready to believe the worst about their government and each other, Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime have inexplicably chosen to stream a disturbing pseudo-documentary that falsely claims that the CIA and the DEA conspired with Mexican drug kingpins to torture and murder a brave American.
The Last Narc, produced by Texas filmmaker Tiller Russell, is a cynical reimagining of the 1985 death of DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who was dragged into a car outside the U.S. consulate in Guadalajara on February 7, 1985. DEA and FBI agents assigned to Operation Leyenda, as DEA called the murder investigation, plunged deep into Mexico. They didn’t find every fact, but they got enough of them to be sure that the horrendous crime was orchestrated by Guadalajara cartel kingpins and corrupt Mexican officials at all levels.
As a correspondent for Newsweek, then Time, I followed the investigators as they pounded the streets of Guadalajara, the dirt tracks along the border, the sterile hallways of the FBI forensics lab and government executive suites in Washington. I broke dozens of stories about the murder and the growth of the Latin cartels. I wrote a best-selling book, Desperados, published in 1988, about the Camarena case and the narcokleptocracy that killed him.
Along the way I met dozens of heroes—honest men and women, badge-wearers and civilians, citizens of several countries, who turned up truths deemed inconvenient by much of official Washington, Mexico City, Wall Street and international banks addicted to drug money.
One hero was U.S. Customs Commissioner Willy von Raab, who, a week after Camarena disappeared, ordered 100 percent inspections of all people and vehicles attempting to cross from Mexico. He effectively slammed the border shut and unrepentantly incurred the wrath of his boss, Treasury Secretary (and future secretary of state) James Baker, one of the most formidable humans ever to park his wingtips under a mahogany desk in the nation’s capital. But Von Raab’s bold move worked. On March 5, after merchants on both sides of the border howled in financial pain, the Mexican police “discovered” Camarena’s body, exhumed from a shallow grave in Guadalajara and dumped on a roadside in the next state.
Another hero was the CIA officer who alerted the DEA office in Mexico City that the agency had stolen the darkest, most valuable secret of all: The Mexican government appeared to have obtained, or perhaps itself made, tapes of Camarena’s torture. The CIA man shared a snippet of a transcript with the cover name of an informant. Nobody but Jaime Kuykendall, Camarena’s close friend, and Camarena himself used that handle. Its inclusion convinced Kuykendall that the whole transcript was genuine.
The CIA man could have gotten in trouble for burning a good source—somebody in government, possibly in the Mexican interior ministry, which controlled the Federal Security Directorate (DFS), a secret police agency that was the CIA’s counterpart and proxy. Often, DFS officers moonlighted as counter-surveillance agents and enforcement for the Guadalajara cartel, and traffickers carried DFS badges. Exposing a dirty source in the security apparatus could have disrupted the agency’s mission, which was not to solve murders or chase drug traffickers. But the CIA officer must have acted out of a belief that the American people had a right to the truth, no matter how ugly.
The CIA tip enabled another hero, DEA chief Jack Lawn, to confront Mexican officials and demand the torture tapes. Lawn got five of them. (Two more were thought to exist and are missing to this day.) Listening to tapes was a terrible but necessary task for Camarena’s bereaved friends and partners. They would eventually identify the interrogator through voice prints as a former commander of the Political and Social Investigations (IPS), a secret police element that, like the DFS, was part of the interior ministry. The interrogator was after the identities of DEA informants and what Camarena and his partners knew about corrupt Mexican politicians, military and police figures.
I’ve recently talked to many of the people I met while on the trail of Camarena”s killers. These include two DEA administrators, Jack Lawn and Rob Bonner; the first Leyenda supervisors, Bill Coonce, Carlo Boccia and Jack Taylor; and numerous other senior investigators who did ground-breaking work. But you won’t hear them in The Last Narc.
Real documentaries dig up facts, air all sides of a story, feature dissenting voices as well as those in agreement, and tell viewers what they don’t know and need to know. Instead, the “Everything Store,” as Amazon likes to call itself, is streaming to its 150 million (as of January 2020) pandemic-fatigued Prime subscribers a clichéd CIA-did-it yarn dreamed up by a bitter retired DEA agent named Hector Berrellez, now 73. Producer Russell has told interviewers that he was put onto the story by Chuck Bowden, a freelance journalist, now deceased, who in 2014 published a series of interviews with Berrellez on the online outlet Medium.
Berrellez disagrees with nearly everything other agents concluded about who killed Kiki Camarena and why. The real question is, who’s right?
Zero Dark Evidence
Berrellez claims, without hard substantiation, that a retired CIA officer, Felix Rodriguez (a Cuban-American famed for his roles in the Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War and the CIA’s covert war in Nicaragua) had Camarena tortured and executed to protect an agency drug-running scheme that was financing the Nicaraguan Contras, the anti-Communist jungle fighters supported by the Ronald Reagan White House. Berrellez says he has learned, from cartel bodyguards-turned-informants whom he recruited and paid that “Felix Rodriguez...interrogated Kiki Camarena and was there at the scene where Kiki was killed,” and that unnamed officials at DEA headquarters forced him to keep silent—committing multiple felonies, if true.
Three current or former DEA agents who debriefed the informants in the early 1990s, when the investigation was active, say the snitches never mentioned Rodriguez, or “Max Gomez,” his cover name, or a Cuban, or the CIA or the Contras.
Berrellez also charges, also with risible “evidence,” that DEA higher-ups helped the CIA cover up the alleged murder plot by destroying Berrellez’ reports and also telling him not to write reports about the spy agency’s involvement.
Both things can’t be true.
The Last Narc attempts to portray Berrellez as a hero—the hero—of the case.
Fact is, Berrellez didn’t come near the murder case until 1989, when it was in wrap-up mode. He didn’t crack the case, as Russell and Amazon now claim. He was not on the street, working on the murder investigation, during the first four years, when it was at its most urgent and when critical breakthroughs were made.
I would know. I was there, and I have the nightmares to prove it. So do the agents who were on the ground during those terrible times.
“By the time Berrellez got involved in it, the case was all solved,” Coonce, the senior DEA investigator who led the investigation for the crucial first year, told me. “He solved nothing.”
“Hector was always into aggrandizement, as can be seen in the many and varied ways that he has chased the dollar, fame, and played very loose with the facts,” says Dale Stinson, who worked with both Berrellez and Camarena and served as Operation Leyenda agent in Mexico City. (Among other achievements, he elicited an admission of guilt from the flamboyant Guadalajara cartel kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero.)
“It’s shameful,” says Stinson, “that Hector would build his reputation on the death of a good man who sacrificed more than any of the rest of us.”
Beyond Berrellez and his small circle—consisting of two other disaffected ex-agents who were also not there during the important first years; three informants, all paid generously at Berrellez’ direction, and Berrellez’ mother—I haven’t found a single active-duty or former DEA agent who confirms Berrellez’ conspiracy theory. I can’t even find an agent who says that Berrellez related the theory back in 1989 through the early 1990s, when he was working the case. I asked Berrellez exactly when he came up with it, and who he told about it. He has not answered.
I believe Berrellez concocted the theme only within the past few years, knowing that conspiracy theories about the CIA and so-called Deep State sell.
“Amazon has created a cruel and unfeeling interpretation of a tragedy that struck at the heart of the Camarena story and every employee of the DEA,” says Larry McElynn, president of the Association of Federal Narcotics Agents. In a statement, McElynn called the production a “shoddy fictional enterprise” and “cheap entertainment.”
Russell did not respond to detailed questions about the production, among them: why the production did not include interviews with numerous current and former DEA agents who disagree with Berrellez’ allegations.
Shipra Gupta, a spokesperson for Amazon Studios, responded to our request for comment by asking for names of our sources and the focus of our story; she did not address the specific questions emailed to Russell and Berrellez.
“I believe that Hector is delusional,” says Lawn, DEA administrator from March 1985 to March 1990. “Berrellez is trying to enhance his self-image as a gunslinger and to mythologize his years as a special agent.”
“Some of the things Berrellez says are so ridiculously outrageous, it would be amazing that anybody would give him any credit,” says Bonner, who succeeded Lawn from August 1990 to November 1993. Bonner served as U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles from 1984 to early 1989, overseeing the prosecution of defendants charged with the Camarena murder. He sat as a federal judge from February 1989 to August 1990, leaving the post to take the helm of DEA.
“I wrote and debriefed most of the informants in the Leyenda investigation,” says ex-agent Sal Leyva, who worked on the Leyenda case from the day Camarena was reported missing and who was later transferred to Los Angeles to work on the Leyenda group, when it was supervised by Berrellez. Leyva says that he wrote most of the informant debriefing reports that Berrellez signed. Three of those informants are shown in The Last Narc, claiming that they saw Felix Rodriguez at the house where Camarena was tortured.
My question for Berrellez and others at DEA is, what did the informants say in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when Berrellez first recruited them? Did they say then what they’re saying now, on camera—that they saw a CIA man, an American, someone speaking with a Cuban accent, or someone using the names Felix Rodriguez or Max Gomez at the murder scene?
No, says Leyva. “I was always with Hector almost 24/7 I would have known.”
Easy Company
From 1985 to 1988 the Leyenda investigation was supervised by Bill Coonce, Carlo Boccia and Jack Taylor, all senior supervisors at DEA headquarters, with teams of investigators in Washington, Guadalajara, Mexico City, San Diego and Los Angeles feeding them data. Bonner’s office filed the first conspiracy indictment, unsealed on January 6, 1988, charging the three Guadalajara kingpins, three high-ranking Mexican police officials and the former secret police interrogator. The kingpins—Rafael Caro Quintero, Ernesto Fonseca and Miguel Felix Gallardo—remain In Mexico to this day. In 1989, as several cases of marginal figures charged in the Los Angeles case were going to trial, the DEA investigative team was consolidated in the agency’s Los Angeles office. Berrellez was assigned to that team.
Doug Kuehl, a highly respected agent in Los Angeles, supervised the team until he asked for a demotion to avoid a transfer to DEA headquarters, because of family obligations. The supervisor’s job went to Berrellez, on account of his seniority.
Berrellez was known as a good undercover agent because of his facility with Spanish and swagger, a plus when meeting with traffickers nose-to-nose. He was not known for the kind of methodical fact-finding and critical thinking at which Kuehl excelled.
The Leyenda group, reduced to five or six agents, sat in a common area, and Berrellez had an office adjoining them. According to Leyva, they shared information freely. Would they have kept quiet if they had learned of new and explosive evidence that an American citizen or a CIA operative was involved in the murder of Camarena?
“Impossible,” says Leyva.
“There was never ever a CIA connection to the case,” says another former agent who was part of the Leyenda group in Los Angeles in those years. “We never had any informant say anything about a Cuban or Felix Rodriguez or Max Gomez.” This man asked not to be named because he still works in a sensitive position.
The Amazon film contends that senior DEA officials in Mexico and Washington conspired with the CIA and the Guadalajara cartel to murder the agent. That is a breathtaking charge that, if proven, would confirm conspiracy theorists’ worst suspicions, that balaclava-clad U.S. government assassins liquidate innocents at will.
Berrellez’ informants are shown in The Last Narc claiming that they witnessed a DEA official accepting bags of cash from kingpin Ernesto Fonseca, and that they saw that DEA official at meetings where the traffickers were planning the Camarena abduction.
Agents who worked on the case in the 1980s and 1990s say that Berrellez did not report these allegations when he was in the DEA. They say that there’s a grain of truth in them: Early on, some Mexican cops spread rumors that Camarena was kidnapped because he was on the take and wasn’t delivering.
These suspicions were never confirmed by any of the hundreds of DEA informants and sources, according to the agents on the case at the time. The torture tapes contain nothing to suggest that Camarena or his partners were corrupt.
“If that [DEA corruption] would have been on the tapes, the Mexicans would have plastered it all over because they were trying to get an alibi,” says a Spanish-speaking agent who worked on the case, before and during Berrellez’ tenure.
I met Berrellez on a film set in 1989, shortly after he was assigned to the Leyenda team. At the time, the acclaimed writer-director-producer Michael Mann and his team were shooting an NBC docudrama based on my book. Mann’s production, Drug Wars: The Camarena Story, won an Emmy. His sequel, Drug Wars: The Cocaine Cartel, also based on my book, was nominated for a second Emmy.
Berrellez seemed starstruck. He was hanging about, hoping, I thought at the time, to be discovered. “Next movie Michael Mann makes, it’s gonna be about me,” he boasted.
That would never happen. Berrellez tried hard to attract others in Hollywood. In March 1990, he made worldwide headlines with a flashy gambit in which he paid Mexican bounty-hunters $250,000 to abduct Humberto Alvarez Machain, a Guadalajara physician, and fly him to El Paso so Berrellez could arrest him for drugging Camarena to prolong his torture. Problem was, Berrellez and his team had plenty of suspicions but not enough proof to satisfy federal trial judge Edward Rafeedie, who threw the case out in 1992 for lack of evidence, freed the doctor and chastised the prosecutors and agents for organizing a kidnapping on a “hunch” and “wildest speculation.”
Alvarez Machain promptly sued the U.S. Department, DEA administrator Jack Lawn, Berrellez and several supervisors. Berrellez tried to fix blame for the kidnapping elsewhere. In the Amazon production, Berrellez describes a colorful scene in which Lawn personally summons him to Washington, sits him down, and asks, “How much would he cost?” When a reluctant Berrellez says $250,000, Lawn snaps, “Okay, do it. I want it done.”
But that’s not what Berrellez told me when I interviewed him the day after the kidnapping arrest. He never mentioned Lawn, who had retired a month earlier. He said the authority came from the U.S. Attorney’s office.
And it’s not what Berrellez testified under oath as the doctor”s lawsuit ground through the courts over the next 14 years. According to court records, he claimed his authority came from the U.S. Attorney’s office in Los Angeles and from Pete Gruden, the deputy DEA administrator, now deceased. During the civil suit, Justice Department lawyers defending Berrellez’s version of the authorization presented as evidence an anonymous memorandum entitled, “Operation Leyenda: Chronology” that claimed Lawn “was advised” of the kidnap plan. Since Lawn denied even being “advised,” and there was no other evidence supporting the agent’s version, an appeals court judge wrote, “The assertions contained in Berrellez's testimony and in the memorandum are therefore unsupported by the evidence.”
Significantly, the court record shows that neither Berrellez nor anybody else told the story that’s now in *The Last Narc—*that Lawn initiated the idea of a kidnapping and commanded Berrellez to carry it out.
“I was unaware of any investigative efforts to kidnap the doctor, who had been kidnapped after my retirement,” says Lawn. “We had been aware of his alleged involvement during the interrogation of Kiki Camarena.He was one piece of a very complicated puzzle.”
“Lawn is a liar and a fraud,” Berrellez said when contacted last week. “He continues to deny that he ordered me to kidnap the doctor.” In response, I asked him for documentation of his alleged trip to Washington and meeting with Lawn. A day later, he had not responded.
While the kidnapped physician was in court, Berrellez tried another route to stardom by recruiting some cartel bodyguards as informants and witnesses. He arranged for them to get green cards and millions of taxpayer dollars from DEA funds. In some cases, he helped them extricate themselves from legal problems. Not surprisingly, some of them named prominent Mexican politicians, including two former Mexican presidents, as co-conspirators, but the informants’ tales were apparently unverifiable. The prosecutors declined to file indictments against the ex-presidents and other VIPs.
At trials of lesser figures in the early 1990s, the bodyguard-witnesses’ inconsistent statements and absence of corroboration created at least as many problems as they resolved. The Los Angeles Times ran a series sharply questioning their veracity. Privately, many agents also doubted them. Some told me they believed Berrellez was encouraging his snitches to tell sexy false stories.
Wise guys
“You have to be very careful how you handle those people,” says Leyva, one of several agents who helped handle and debrief the informants. “They can read you. They say, ‘Oh, he wants me to say this.’ And they’ll say it. I think you have to be able to handle informants and know when they're telling you the truth, or what they think you want to hear, and then that’s only the beginning.”
!n 1993 then-DEA administrator Bonner shut down the DEA Leyenda team. “We’d done everything we could in terms of evidence,” says Bonner. “We’d indicted all the major figures of the Guadalajara cartel and also some major figures in the Mexican government. We’d exposed major corruption at both the state and federal level.” Officially, the case remains open. Today, eight people, including the kingpins, are officially wanted as fugitives. But there is no longer a large, dedicated investigative team.
Berrellez was transferred to Washington in 1994. He retired in 1996.
Around 2013, in interviews with freelancer Bowden and others, Berrellez promoted his conspiracy theory that the CIA killed Camarena because Camarena was about to reveal that the agency was working with the Guadalajara cartel to run drugs to the United States. The arrangement supposedly was that the cartel got protection from U.S. authorities and the CIA got drug money for the Contras. This theory was a Mexicanized twist on a 1996 series, Dark Alliance by San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, who committed suicide after his work was discredited. (Webb’s photo appears in a few frames of The Last Narc, apparently in homage.) Producer Russell has told interviewers he was inspired by articles published in 2014 by freelancer Bowden recounting Berrellez’ claims.
To be sure, allegations have been lodged over the years that people linked to the CIA and the Contras were involved in the drug trade. During a 1986 investigation led by then-Senator John Kerry, a Colombian cartel money launderer testified that he channeled about $10 million to the Contras through Felix Rodriguez. Even the CIA’s internal watchdog concluded that, while the spy agency didn’t deal in drugs, it ignored hundreds of allegations contained in nearly a thousand cables that Contra officers, contractors and supporters engaged in trafficking. But no convincing evidence exists that Camarena was murdered because he knew too much, much less that he was about to blow the whistle on it.
No cloaks, no daggers
Kuykendall, Camarena’s boss in Guadalajara, says the CIA had no motive to silence Camarena.
“The DEA-Guadalajara office had no information about a CIA drug-running operation and that includes Kiki,” he says. “The drug traffickers had all the assistance they needed [to traffic in drugs] through the Mexican government.”
Pete Hernandez, another agent in the Guadalajara office, backs Kuykendall, saying he never heard Camarena talk about CIA drug-running or the Contras.
Also, according to several agents who have heard them, the torture tapes contain no mention of the CIA, Contras, or any other transnational political issue. They’re strictly about the drug business.
Felix Rodriguez himself has said that he was not in Mexico at the time and could not have been present in Guadalajara.
“The Intel community helped in providing information,” says Lawn, “but at no time did the investigation take us to Nicaragua, or to the Contras. The fanciful narrative outlined in The Last Narc makes interesting viewing but is without historic merit.”
Berrellez’ response to me: “It is sad how you were mislead [sic] from the truth by Kuykendall and Lawn.”
Bonner says Berrellez never raised allegations about CIA involvement to him. He says he would never have told Berrellez or anyone else that the DEA could not investigate a CIA operative for murder. Bonner, who publicly tangled with the CIA in other cases, says he would have done battle if the DEA had tried to protect anyone implicated in the Camarena matter. “It just wasn’t there,” Bonner says. “If it had been there, we would have investigated it until we ran it to ground…The CIA never contacted me when I was U.S. Attorney or at DEA. If a CIA guy tried, I would have gone through the roof.”
Not to mention that, as everyone with experience in Washington knows, the CIA, DEA and FBI fight like alley cats. It’s impossible to believe any of these turf-jealous, aggressive bureaucracies would let a rival agency get away with expense account cheating, much less murder and drug smuggling.
Part of the complicated conspiracy theory portrayed by the film is that Camarena was set up by an unnamed DEA agent based in Guadalajara who had been feeding information to the cartel for years in exchange for bags of cash. Current and former DEA agents dismiss that out of hand: If cartel leaders already had a pipeline into DEA, why would they disrupt it, especially if, as the film shows, the dirty agent was senior, with access to more and better information than Camarena?
“If a DEA official was providing confidential DEA sources and other intelligence,” says Bonner, “why were they interrogating Kiki? It doesn’t make any sense.”
Berrellez’ claim that he knows too much and is marked for death looks like puffery to me.
“I’m not fearful that the traffickers are going to kill me,” he says in the film. “I’m fearful that my own government is going to kill me.”
Fear, from a man who once told an interviewer that he prided himself on being a “gunslinger” and didn’t know how many people he had killed? No, it looks more like a boast.
Qanon’s Raves
Meanwhile, the Amazon-Russell film has won some good reviews. Unfortunately, some are from QAnon.
The Last Narc conspiracy theory is tailor-made for the relatively young but fast-growing pro-Trump, pro-conspiracy movement that holds that the Deep State—meaning, intelligence and law enforcement agencies—are murderous robotic servants of a cabal of monied Jewish and liberal elites and cannibal pedophiles.
As Adrienne LaFrance of The Atlantic observed, “If the internet is one big rabbit hole containing infinitely recursive rabbit holes, QAnon has somehow found its way down all of them, gulping up lesser conspiracy theories as it goes.”
Sure enough, recently, a Qanon adherent who calls himself Kevin Collins posted a glowing account of The Last Narc on a 6,000-member Facebook page called “Deep State Mapping Project:
This documentary series on Amazon Prime is the story of one such Patriot. His name was Kiki Camarena and he was murdered by Bush family allies while fighting for us….in this series you will learn about heroes like DEA Agent Hector Berrellez and honest members of Mexican law enforcement who have risked their lives fighting to get the truth out.
A site called BitChute praised the Amazon project as an “old take on the deep state, and in particular the old deep state headed by the WASP Rockefellerist CFR faction.” (The CFR, or Council on Foreign Relations, an elite, middle-of-the-road organization originally funded by the Rockefeller family, has long been a favorite target of both the far right and far left.)
The DEA is slowly, belatedly pushing back. Sources say DEA headquarters recently authorized a team of internal investigators to conduct an inquiry into Berrellez’s allegations of corruption. Some retired agents are quietly exploring the possibility of legal action.
If Amazon, Russell and Berrellez are as shameless as I think they are, they’ll enjoy the publicity. For my money, The Last Narc is just a cheesy hoax. It won’t destroy Kiki Camarena’s sacrifice and his legacy. It cheapens Amazon. If that’s possible.
SpyTalk Contributing Editor Elaine Shannon’s latest book is Hunting LeRoux: The Inside Story of the DEA Takedown of a Criminal Genius and His Empire. Source: https://spytalk.substack.com/p/tv-spies-amazons-wacky-cia-drug-war
submitted by shylock92008 to TopConspiracy [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 21:24 ar_david_hh Sep/29/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh-Artsakh \\ events & videos as they unfolded \\ Armenia liberates positions \\ ARM jet & AZE helicopters downed \\ Azeri equipment lines are thinning; 137 tanks, 7 helic, 71 drones, 790 dead, 1.9k wounded \\ world media and politicians respond to Turkey \\ more

Find out how the war unfolded on Sep-27 and Sep-28.
Secret footage from Armenian frontlines:

beware of fake posted by Azerbaijani agents

There is a video allegedly showing two ambushed Armenian soldiers in trenches, screaming "our army has abandoned us". It is a clear fake, with them having a non-Armenian accent, a first-person-view camera being "conveniently" attached at a place where Armenians don't wear it, and it being made overly-dramatic for "psychological impact".
Another similar fake was posted yesterday. The voice-over guy sounds the same.
A screenshot from the video for identification: https://i.imgur.com/nSvXsHs.png

September 29 / night / before the day began

A 9-year-old Armenian child was killed in Martakert city. Other family members were injured. The girl's father spoke about the incident and condemned Azerbaijan. "It's all they want and it's all they can do."
Dozens of 1990s Artsakh war veterans gathered in the capital Stepanakert. They're waiting for Army to distribute weapons and coordinate the deployment.
One of the Azeri pilots who died on Sep-27 is Major Qasim Abbas oglu. He was a State Border Security (SBS) officer and not from the Defense Ministry. That means the helicopter he was flying was likely Mi-17. This is also proof that Azeri SBS was engaged in Artsakh. (they are usually near the Tavush border).
Yesterday an Armenian MP called for Azeri ethnic minorities to check the names of dead Azer soldiers and realize that Aliyev's tactic is to send ethnic minorities to front lines to be used as disposable pawns.
Some Talysh-Azeri minorities have the same complaint. A man says 5 out of 7 recently-verified-killed Azeri soldiers had Talysh names. "the Aliyev regime massacres the Talysh in the war zone," complained the man.
"Don't let your kids use TikTok", said Human Rights Ombudsman, citing rampant Armenophobia coordinated by Turkish and Azeri users of the platform.
The military doesn't care if an army official served under the former or current Armenian government. They currently receive advice from all political camps.
Be aware of social media hacks. Azeri agents spread panic-inducing misinformation on Facebook after taking over accounts.
update: yesterday 3,000 Armenian men in Georgia's southern Javakh region gathered near the border but couldn't cross it. The customs issues have since been cleared and they were allowed to transport their vehicles with aid.
ArmSec foundation advises Armenians not to use Turkish CA Certificates, which can be used for hacking. Instruction on how to remove these digital certificates:
Recep Erdogan continues the persecution of ethnic-minority politicians from the pro-Kurdish and pro-Armenian HDP party. The regime's prosecutor is preparing documents to strip Turkish-Armenian MP Garo Paylan from immunity. He, along with 81 others, is the latest target for having dissented the regime's policies.
Glendale Armenians gathered in front of City Hall in support of Artsakh.

Before we proceed... how did the foreign media cover the events yesterday?

middleeasteye.net: Turkey recruiting Syrians to guard troops and facilities in Azerbaijan. Rebels and civilians employed as security suspect they will soon be sent to fight Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh"
Turkey-based Syrian journalist: Muhammad Shaalan, from my town Al Atarib [Syria] was killed in Azarbaijan. He was with thwar Al sham, left the group months ago. He headed to Azarbaijan a week ago. Death date and place are still unknown.
Russian govt-run RT journalist Gazdiev: Azerbaijan is now refusing entry for all foreign journalists. Only loyal domestic and Turkish media are being allowed to cover the conflict. Armenia is not only allowing access to journalists but actively inviting them.
Russian opposition Rain TV provided extensive coverage of the conflict in a neutral tone, but with emphasis that Turkey is meddling in the war.
For those of you won't don't have Telegram, here is a collection of Russian WarGonzo outlet's footage from the front lines. They found the remnants of Azeri flying object. It's bigger than a regular drone and they speculated it could be parts of a jet/helicopter. It was later claimed that it's part of an Azeri AN-2 plane that was shot.
Russia's largest govt-run Channel 1 outlet has a prime-time talk-show called "Time will tell", which invited Armenian, Azeri, and Russian experts for debates.
Russian reporter was invited to explain the situation. He mentioned the situation in Stepanakert and how Azeris [failed to take and] damaged the northern highway connecting Armenia to Artsakh, with Turkish Bayraktar drones.
Azeri Guest: how do you know Azeris used Turkish drones?
Russian Reporter: these drones are made in Turkey.
Russian Host: hold on. Let's assume the drones were of "unknown origin". Now let's analyze which drones they were.
Russian Reporter: ... the Azeri side doesn't hide it's Turkish...
Russian Host responds to Azeri Guest: here is a video [shows a Bayraktar video] published by Azeris showing the destruction of several Armenian vehicles. The footage appears to be recorded from a Turkish drone. Period.
Russian Reporter continues: we visited Stepanakert and saw the outcome of the Azeri GRAD missile attack that was used against a completely peaceful civilian house.
Russian Host: have you learned any info on who started this war?
Russian Reporter: locals say Azerbaijan began bombing at 7:10 am yesterday. I know each side will blame the other, but I'm more concerned about civilians. I spoke with 2 Armenian kids in a bomb shelter. Their house was bombed. It's not even near any military object.
Azeri guest: Pashinyan started this. He escalated the situation this year.
Russian Guest enters chat: so you're telling me it's Armenians who started it, while it was Azeris who launched a partial draft ahead of time and brought reinforcements?
Azeri Guest: .... because Armenians provoked
Russian Guest: ... "provoked" by "using words" but they didn't open fire. [host interrupts]
Russian Host to Azeri Guest: when you say Pashinyan is the one who verbally provoked, I can assure you that both sides made provocative statements, including the Turkish side.
[the main theme became the Turkish involvement in the conflict. The Russian host and guests are not pleased. They blasted Erdogan's statements.]
Russian Host: let's use logic about who started the war. Here is a video [of Azeri soldiers being destroyed during an unsuccessful attempt to capture northern highway through a gorge near Mrav]. Someone gave those soldiers an order to move forward. Why?
Armenian Guest: obviously the order was given by the Azeri govt. It's elementary logic. Armenia has no reason to start a war. Karabakh is already de-facto free.
Azeri Guest: Nope, Armenians started it. It's beneficial for Armenia to provoke a war.
Armenian Guest: why would they?
Azeri Guest: so Artsakh separatists can launch a process for independence. (apparently crack pipe is on sale on Amazon. Cyber Crackday. Black Plaqueday. Big if true.)
Russian Host sits next to Azeri guest: are you sure about that?
Azeri Guest: Yes. Why not?
[theme changes about Syrian mercenaries]
Russian Host: I can't confirm 100%, but here is a video from Azerbaijan showing a column of fighters in pickup trucks with flags and [Allahu Akbar] chants. Do these men chant in Azeri or Arabic?
Azeri Guest: they are Azeri because I heard their accent with "e" instead of "a" while chanting "akbar". Syrians don't have "e". It's unique to Turkic.
Armenian Guest: the pro-Turkish fighters in northern Syria are ethnic Turkmen, not necessarily Arab.
Russian Guest: we can send it to professional linguists for analysis.

September 29 / morning arrives

Nikol Pashinyan: the last minutes of the Security Council session was disrupted by loud horns coming from outside. I looked out and saw a column of vehicles, circling around the square, with passengers shouting and honking. I thought it was a wedding at first, but it turned out to be the volunteers joining the army. Stay strong, people!
8:14 ARM army: Azeris are preparing their artillery for an attack. We pushed back their armored vehicles in multiple areas. The punitive response in the south has left several of their vehicles destroyed.
https://t.me/infocomm/21265 , https://factor.am/288193.html
9:32: Armenian army shared the video of the aforementioned failed Azeri armored vehicle attack and the destruction of the enemy equipment, and several positions.
Video: https://youtu.be/n1Q2Il5dxeA?t=9
8:49: Azerbaijani govt has once again censored their internet amid mounting death toll. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Skype were down. If you're reading this on Reddit, your IQ is five thousand. Congrats.
9:02: the leader of Armenia's ruling QP party says they're discussing the possibility to sign a military agreement with Artsakh to share more weapons.
10:29: Armenians shoot down another Azeri drone.
9:53: Vardenis area is the junction point between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Artsakh. It's fully within the Republic of Armenia. Armenian MFA says Azeris are lying about being shelled from this area. "Azerbaijan is fabricating a pretense to attack Vardenis."
10:54: as expected, Azerbaijan shelled Armenia's Vardenis region. Their drone struck a civilian bus (no one inside) beside and military positions. Armenian army didn't sustain casualties from the attack on Vardenis. "Expect a harsh response," said ARM army.
Photo of the bus: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029408.html
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029386.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029388.html , https://factor.am/288309.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029394.html
12:42: Azerbaijan is shelling villages in Vardenis. One civilian was killed.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029402.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029409.html
14:08: Armenia's security council informed the Russian colleagues that Armenia's Vardenis region was bombed. Russia's Nikolai Patrishev expressed "deep concerns."
14:32: Russian-funded GeoProMining miner has temporarily suspended its gold mining in Sotq Mine for security reasons starting Sep-27 when the battles began.
14:28: CSTO military bloc says they haven't received a petition by member Armenia to discuss the shelling of the Vardenis region. "We'll discuss if Armenia contacts us". Armenia sent a report describing the situation.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029425.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029445.html
17:58 ARM army: an F-16 jet belonging to Turkey shot down an Armenian Su-25, which was flying within Armenia airspace near Vardenis. The pilot has died. (Turkey denied shooting it.)
This F-156 took off from Azeri Ganja airport and was patrolling the Azeri air since 10:30 am, and was aiding the Azeri helicopters and Turkish Bayraktar drones in their attack. At the time of engaging, the F-156 was 60km within Azerbaijan at 8.2km altitude.
11:24: Armenia released a video showing how a group of Azeri soldiers got shot while running back in panic. 60 Azeri soldiers were killed in north and south.
Video (nsfw): https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/1038231189970329/
11:41 ARM army: Azerbaijan is lying about our military units in Martuni being completely out of order. "All units remain in place and continue to deal blows to the attacker."
11:46 ARM army: the drafted reservists aren't immediately sent to front lines. We don't have such urgent need right now. The losses sustained by Azerbaijan are uncomparable to Armenia's.
11:55: Armenians have shot down the 5th Azeri helicopter since Sep-27. There is a chance the 6th one was also struck just now.
12:37: Armenia released a video showing the aftermath of the downing of 2 Azeri helicopters. Igla missile was used. Large mushroom clouds and post-impact explosions.
Video: https://youtu.be/PIc4ZBLkE70
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/772905233546327/
15:40: Armenia released the second video showing how the Azeri helicopter was shot by a missile while hovering in the air. Igla was apparently used.
Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/2695601887362093/
12:18: photos of an Azeri drone being shot over capital Stepanakert.
12:21: Robert Kocharyan & co-defendants' "March 1st" trial is postponed because defendant Seyran Ohanyan, a former Defense Minister, is currently in Artsakh to aid the army.
12:44 ARM army: Azerbaijan is using heavy TOS-1C and Smerch missiles, taking it to a whole new level. We will respond with similar weapons.
12:49: Armenia released a new video showing the destruction of Azeri tanks. Numerous Azerbaijani soldiers were killed; some of them are seen trying to escape to the other side of the hill before being shot.
Video (graphic): https://youtu.be/oQcQV1NYtpY
12:50: Armenia's Human Rights Ombudsman released the names of 4 civilians, including children, who were killed. The office contacted international bodies to file a complaint.
13:23 ARM army: Azeris made attempts to attack. They lost 5 tanks, 11 drones, 1 engineering vehicle, four 82A transport cars, and many soldiers.
13:26: Orbeli research center published names of 81 more Azeri soldiers who were killed. "Aliyev regime is hiding numbers from the public. This list is just a fraction. The number sharply rose recently," said Orbeli center.
The list: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029412.html
13:36 ruling QP MP: by censoring the internet, Aliyev is trying to conceal their serious losses to prevent panic. There is almost no official info from the Azeri govt, so the public follows Armenian news.
Human lives are not important for the dictatorial regime in Baku. President Aliev's goal is to save his power. This adventure will cost them dearly...
These events highlighted the fact that Turkey hasn't given up its century-old genocidal policies. The world knows who the aggressor is.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029414.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029431.html
13:37 authorities to public: we've noticed many patriotic posts on social media. Any donation campaign to collect and send tangible items to Artsakh should be coordinated by authorities. There is no need to send food to soldiers. Don't share their private data.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029413.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029420.html
16:31: celebrities, soccer clubs, and others organized a volunteer campaign across Armenia to gather aid for soldiers. Cigarettes, new clothes, etc.
14:15: the govt says the best way to donate is through All-Armenia Fund at himnadram.org or one of many other methods mentioned in this link:
14:42: the All-Armenia Fund has collected $3.1m in donations since Sep-27. They posted info for direct wiring:
13:59: Armenian hacking group "Monte Melkonyan" shut down several Azeri govt websites, including that of the president and Defense Minister.
15:47: NSS received complaints from numerous residents about receiving text messages from unknown numbers with alarming information about front lines. NSS says it's a fake news campaign by Azeri trolls with the use of spoofed numbers.
14:11 ARM army: The enemy is making the last efforts both on the battlefield and in the information sphere. That is why it has thrown everything into battle, every possible weapon, and even the latest fakes.
14:59: first lady Anna Hakobyan continued her trip to bomb shelters across the capital Stepanakert. "Women, children, and the elderly are emotional, but they are strong," she wrote. The govt will install more beds and help with food distribution.
Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029432.html
16:14: Dashnak's youth wing organized a march to the UN embassy in Armenia and gave them a letter of complaint about "Azerbaijan's and Turkey's terrorist activities."
15:52 ARM army: Our artillerymen are virtuosos. They hit several Azeri tanks with grenade launchers. (ռագատկա next?)
16:03: another Azeri drone was shot in the air by Artsakh defense forces.
Video: https://youtu.be/f_J6k4PefD0
17:29: MFA Mnatsakanyan sent a letter to the UN secretariat about Azerbaijan's pre-planned aggression and targeting of civilians.
17:31: an Armenian Lt. Colonel Lernik Babayan released a video to counter the Azeri fake news about his deaths. He was presented as an "Armenian special forces commander who was killed".
17:57: Armenia released a video showing the outcome of a failed Azeri attempt to damage a railway with a big missile. A large crater was formed next to a village.
18:18: a video from an earlier failed tank assault by Azerbaijan, in which they lost 12 tanks.
19:06 Artsakh president: I spoke with the commander in the north. It's as if nothing unusual is happening and this is an ordinary training. He said, "meh, they attacked with 100 people on each position, we threw them back. We give we take. We'll solve the problem soon". The spirits are high.
We scored a success in the north. They threw all their power and tanks at us. They come, we shoot. They come, we shoot. We don't count any longer, nor do we have time to count. We will hit for as long as they come.
20:36: Artsakh president signed a decree giving 23 more medals to fallen Armenian soldiers.
19:17 Pashinyan on Twitter: Armenia and Artsakh will respond adequately to Azerbaijan's attempts to disrupt regional stability.
Pashinyan to BBC: I urge the international community to condemn the Turkish and Azeri aggression against Armenia and Artsakh, which targeted peaceful civilians. The Turkish F-16 jets are fully engaged in the conflict. The people of Artsakh have a right to self-determination. I've said before that the resolution must be acceptable to both Armenians and Azeris.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029486.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029485.html
19:32 ARM army: Artsakh defense forces continue to confidentially destroy the Azeri military equipment.
Video or tanks and personnel destruction: https://youtu.be/xy1c3CQouA4?t=9
Orbiter 1K belonging to Azerbaijan was destroyed today. Video from inside Armenian anti-air unit.
An unidentified drone was downed by the Iranian air defense after it intruded into their territory.
19:59 Speaker Mirzoyan: this war will end with the destruction of Azerbaijan's entire striking potential. They'll need decades to recover. I don't say this for "spiritual" reasons.
20:00: Armenia published a video proving that Azeris placed their TOS missile unit within asettlement boundaries to use their civilians as a shield.
20:21 Pashinyan on Twitter: // a new war against Karabakh and Armenia is a war against democracy. //
He gave an interview to The Spectator: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/how-armenia-views-the-conflict-with-azerbaijan
20:06 ARM spokesmen: The heroism and literacy of "Leopard 1" unit should be included in history books. Details after the war. (hmmm interesting 🤔)
20:47 Pashinyan during Russia-1 TV interview: Azeri army has failed to fulfill the task of the military-political leadership. The negotiations should continue with the help of the Minks Group. Azerbaijan must accept that there is no military solution to this conflict... The Turkish army is directly involved. They are coordinating Azeri groups on the ground.
(Aliyev said he is committed to the format of the negotiations and blamed Armenia for failing it with "unacceptable demands".)
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029506.html
https://news.am/arm/news/604964.html , https://factor.am/288684.html
21:07: famous Artsakh war veteran "Arabo" is preparing for deployment. (and no, he is not an Arab mercenary despite the nickname)
21:11 Hetq journalist reporting from front lines: the tide is slowly turning in our favor. The lines of Azeri equipment in front lines are thinning. There are destroyed tanks and armored vehicles across the entire border. (no wonder why the gollum has to keep PayPal-ling aid to Ilham.)
21:37 ARM army: Azerbaijan failed the attacks in north and south. We have significant success and re-captured some positions. All-day long they used aviation, artillery, tanks, etc. They were forced to retreat and strengthen their original positions.
We'll report our losses soon after confirmation.
Today Azeris lost 17 tanks, 4 armored vehicles, 3 engineering vehicles, 13 UAVs, etc.
Since the beginning, Azerbaijan lost 790 soldiers and 1,900 were wounded. 180 were lost near Qarvachar (Kelbecer)
137 Azeri tanks and vehicles were shot. 71 drones. 7 helicopters. 1 plane (Azeri plane that was shot yesterday).
22:10: BREAKING: a new video showing the destruction of an Azeri military fleet that was transporting ammunition. It's engulfed in fire.
22:54: how about a video showing the destruction of two Azeri drones simultaneously?
23:03 Telegram news citing its sources, not yet confirmed independently: this is the hospital where they bring many of the wounded Azeri soldiers. Every hour, there are 3-4 long columns of emergency vehicles arriving. The lines are long and no one is allowed to enter, not even the family members, presumably to conceal the scale of the losses from the Azerbaijani public.

How did the world respond today?

European Parliament deputy-speaker Fabio Castaldo urged the EU to condemn the "Azeri aggression against Artsakh" and the targeting of civilians. "The EU should impose sanctions if a ceasefire is rejected". He also criticized Erdogan's actions.
U.S. Democrats warn Turkey over involvement in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict
U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus condemned Azeri attacks and Turkey's support for aggression. "Turkey should stop sending arms and fighters to Azerbaijan."
Joe Biden wants Donald Trump to demand Turkey to stay away from the conflict.
The UK and Canada are very concerned about the escalation. U.S.'s Mike Pompeo met a Greek colleague to discuss regional issues during which he called for a ceasefire. He was joined by the UN Human Rights committee, France, etc. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029434.html
The speaker of the Cyprus Parliament joined in the condemnation of Turkish aggression. He sent "warm feelings and wished Armenians success."
UK baroness Caroline Cox condemned the Azeri aggression. "Azerbaijan once again launched a massive, irregular attack."
Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Turkey has unofficially joined the Karabakh war.
Famous Russia-based pro-Kremlin Russian-Armenian political analyst Karen Shahnazarov: "Is Russia an empire, or a merchant that sells oil and vaccines?..."
World soccer champion Yuri Djorkaeff's brother sent a letter to French president Macron urging him to condemn the Azeri/Turkish/mercenary aggression.
The Turkish currency Lira hit a new low after yesterday's record low. $1 = 7.83 L. That's a 24% loss this year.
"The fear is that Turkey, whose economy is on its knees and is actively engaged in escalating conflicts in northern Syria, and with Greece in the Mediterranean, could get dragged into yet another regional conflict [Artsakh] it can ill afford, either politically or economically,” said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst.
Turkish govt propaganda presented a Serb actor as a mercenary hired by Armenia.
Reporters Without Borders has condemned the use of a drone to intimidate Armenian journalists. The incident happened yesterday. No one was injured.
Kanye West said he's praying for Armenia. Khloe Kardashian will raise awareness about Azeri aggression.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1029380.html , https://factor.am/288525.html
U.S. Congressman Jason Crow condemned the Azeri aggression and urged Turkey not to aid them.
some non-military news now

COVID stats

+2,886 tested. +327 infected. +1 death. +184 healed. 4,798 active. 289,047 tested.

transactions and taxations

LHK leader Edmon Marukyan urged Armenians to continue to spend and live their lives as normal instead of saving the money, so the government can collect its tax and pay the bills.

The economy is recovering after COVID

Economic Activity Index +7.4% in August vs July. Industrial output +8%. Construction +30%. Trade +0.4%. Deflation -0.1%. Foreign trade +6%. Exports +3%. Imports +7%.
You've read 3716 words.
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2020.09.29 20:29 BlancheFromage Today's Conspiracy Theory!! 2030!!

So you know how the next "significant" milestone the SGI has to look forward to is May 3, 2030.
May 3 - because Toda and Ikeda
2030 - because of Ikeda's deciding when the Soka Gakkai's forerunner organization, Soka Kyoiku Gakkai, an educators' group formed by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, was founded in order to make his "Seven Bells" numbers end on the right year (1979). The Soka Kyoiku Gakkai held its initial meeting in 1937 so shouldn't that be the founding date?
So "2030" is a meaningless, manufactured "anniversary" to get the culty sheeple ginned up toward. What are their assigned goals going to be? My guesses:
Anything else?
Oh, wait - almost forgot about the Conspiracy Theory! There's one for the year 2030 - not lying!
Where's it coming from? Another ultraconservative, fascist secret society. The infamous and notorious Club of Rome that Ikeda bought his way into.
Here's your background:
Ikeda is an honorary member of the Club of Rome, right from their website The founding of the Club of Rome by Rockefeller in Bellagio, Italy Some more unraveling of the Club of Rome - take a look at the line up The Club of Rome has indicated that genocide should be used to eliminate people who they refer to as "useless eaters." The War Against Population - NSA and Club of Rome Yes, we live in a dirty world with the dirty elites running it - more on The Club of Rome
SGI President Daisaku Ikeda sent a congratulatory message to the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Club of Rome held Oct. 17–18, 2018, read at the annual general assembly on October 16, 2018.
This year marks the 110th birth anniversary of Dr. [Aurelio] Peccei, the Club’s co-founder. The memory of our encounters is indelibly etched in my heart and mind. Like a warm and trusting father, he shared with me—frankly and passionately—his most deeply held beliefs and insights. The impression that he made, and my sense of gratitude, will remain with me always.
blah blah blah
blah blah blah
I would like to close this message of felicitation voicing my vow to continue to support the work of the Club of Rome by working with the world’s youth based on a sense of shared responsibility for the human future. - Message to the 50th Anniversary Conference of the Club of Rome
Before It Is Too Late (hardcover) by Aurelio Peccei and Daisaku Ikeda..........Price: $32.50 M/O#: 1104
Aurelio Peccei is the late Westernewartime resistance fighter, industrialist, and founder of the first think tanks to severely assess humanity's chances for survival. SGI President Ikeda and Mr. Peccei present their views alternately as individual statements and dialogues on the complex web of natural and human-made problems threatening the habitability of the planet Earth. Source
When I was a member I read "Before Its Too Late," written by both Ikeda and Aurelio Peccei, founder and first president of Club of Rome. I used to think the CoR was a great organization because Ikeda was in it and praised it! That's what goes on in members' minds, if the SGI or Ikeda is associated with something, it must be good, instead of investigating a person or organization based on its own merits.
What is unfortunate about SGI members is their lack critical thinking, as I lacked. Over the years being away from SGI I have made conscious efforts to apply logic to any situation, ask questions: who, what, where, when, and why. Those under mind control (as I was) do not ask these questions -- blind faith, denial, even where there is evidence that proves otherwise. When I discovered what a rotten organization the CoR is, I was horrified to think I indirectly supported it because of my involvement with the SGI.
The hypocrisy of Ikeda and the SGI is stunning -- they use the good principles of Buddhism for evil purpose. What happened to the "sanctity of life"? How does that fit in with the belief depopulation is good for the planet? We know the SGI is a cult, but I question: is the SGI a death cult? Or perhaps all cults are death cults? Just look to the cults of Jim Jones and Heavens Gate, for example; the members involved in those cults ended up dead.
You hit the target that mind-control blinds all of them. So true. Source
Now here's Club of Rome's position - the sanitized version:
Four decades ago, the Club of Rome predicted looming economic collapse in its iconic report The Limits to Growth. An update of the analysis sees much the same picture.
On the eve of one of the twentieth century’s most notable economic shocks — the 1973 oil crisis — an influential group of researchers released a now-iconic report entitled The Limits to Growth.
The work, which received wide attention and proved controversial, painted a bleak picture of humanity’s future. Left unchecked, it said, economic and population growth would deplete the planet’s resources and cause economic collapse around 2070.
More than four decades later, the report’s main conclusions are still valid, according to a group of independent researchers who have updated the work using more-sophisticated analytical tools. Like the 1972 report, the latest work was commissioned by the Club of Rome, a group of liberal scientists, economists and industrialists that was founded in 1968.
Whoever's paying gets to dictate the conclusion.
The update, released on 17 October in Rome for the club’s 50th anniversary, makes for a sobering read. Although its conclusions are not quite as drastic as those of the original report, it says that humanity finds itself in something of a catch-22.
Business-as-usual or accelerated economic growth will mean that the world will not be able to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) — a suite of social, environmental and prosperity targets for 2030 — the authors conclude. And even if governments were to substantially strengthen what the authors call “conventional” policies to meet social goals such as the eradication of poverty and hunger, and achieving quality education for all, they would be in danger of missing environmental goals.
“It is quite disturbing to see that we’re still facing the same dilemma the Club of Rome described almost 50 years ago,” says Julia Steinberger, an ecological economist at the University of Leeds, UK.
Conventional policies won’t do
"Everybody's just gotta CHANT!"
The original report was a quantitative analysis based on a computer model that calculated likely future outcomes for the world’s economy. Criticism focused mainly on the authors’ assumptions about how long natural resources would last.
Some economists called the book’s pessimistic conclusions “irresponsible nonsense
Did someone say "SGI"??
while others criticized the validity of the model — World3, a dynamic economic model developed by US economist Dennis Meadow, co-author of the book — that the authors had used to predict energy consumption, pollution and population growth.
The latest version of the report was compiled by researchers with the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. They used an Earth-system model that combines socio-economic and biophysical variables, alongside a wealth of historical and new socio-economic data, to draw up their conclusions.
This model’s elements interact with the passage of time, and it is much more robust than World3, says Steinberger.
The researchers found that the world is currently on track to meet only 10 of the 17 SDGs by 2030. Efforts to satisfy social SDGs with conventional policy tools will come at the price of unsustainable or wasteful use of natural resources such as water, land and energy. Hence, environmental goals, including stabilizing climate, reducing pollution and maintaining biodiversity, could fall by the wayside, they say.
To prevent human civilization from more environmental damage than it might be able to endure, the authors call on world leaders to consider policies that they deem unconventional.
Novel: Scientists FORCED to chant NMRK...FOR SCIENCE!!! Or "Why faith-based books should be BANNED!"
Only more extreme economic and behavioural changes will allow the world to achieve all 17 SDGs together, the authors say.
These policies might include rapid phase-out of fossil fuels , greater use of family planning to stabilize populations, and actively encouraging the reduction of wealth inequality so that the richest 10% of people take no more than 40% or so of income.
The report is a vindication of the Club of Rome’s initial world view and a welcome alternative to mainstream economics’ focus on growth and equilibrium, says Steinberger.
“Most of The Limits to Growth’s original conclusions still hold true,” said Johan Rockström, a sustainability researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and a co-author of the report, at its release. “This is scientifically satisfactory, but for societies it’s not.”
Club of Rome has a skeptical take on the future
Forty years ago, the Club of Rome released "The limits of growth." Now, it has released another look into the future. But how accurate are such predictions?
This points to an old dilemma: Is a prognosis a neutral scientific statement or is it a call to action? Ossip Flechtheim, one of the fathers of modern future studies already in the 1950s described his field as a synthesis of ideology and utopia not in line with a traditional concept of science.
"A synthesis of ideology and utopia not in line with a traditional concept of science"?? How better to describe Ikeda's "grand vision"??
What do they want to do? Depopulate the world!
What's SGI's vision of its utopia? When 1/3 of the population is converted. That number will do nicely as a target population for the whole world! The rest can just be erased!
Where does THIS fit into the Club of Rome 2030 conspiracy theory? For such an important question, we of course must consult the ConspiracyWiki!
In the August, 1980 edition of Fusion magazine, Howard Odum, a marine biologist at the University of Florida, who was a member of the Club of Rome, was quoted, saying: “It’s necessary that the U.S. cut its population by 2/3 within the next 50 years.” He did not mention how this should be accomplished. Source
"Within the next 50 years" - given a start date of 1980, what's the end date? 2030!
And if the US cuts its population by 2/3, what's left? 1/3!
Throughout the world, the Club of Rome has said that genocide should be used to eliminate people who they refer to as “useless eaters.“
Oh dear!
U.S. Association of the Club of Rome
In 1976, the U.S. Association of the Club of Rome (USACOR) was created, its purpose is to shut down the U.S. economy gradually. Henry Kissinger was then, and still is, an high ranked member in the service of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a member of the Club of Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations.
Kissinger met with Ikeda, you know O_O. In 1975 - well after the Club of Rome had been created. The US Association of the Club of Rome did not emerge fully formed from Zeus' forehead as Athena, Goddess of War, supposedly did; by 1975, everybody involved was fully informed about what was going on.
Backtracking a bit:
The Club of Rome was created in 1968 by the Morgenthau Group, its original purpose was to create a New World Order by the year 2000.
Welp, missed that target!
The Club of Rome has an hidden agenda to divide the entire world into ten regions or kingdoms.
This gets interesting - bear with me. Here's the map. Notice something peculiar? JAPAN, which is all of about 10 square miles and 100 million people out of the world's >7 billion, gets to be its OWN "kingdom"! Not even the world power USA gets to be its OWN "kingdom"! So what's up with Japan's obviously "special" status?
Here's the list of the "Ten Kingdoms":
Imagine, the all-powerful USA having to share a "kingdom" with Canada and Mexico!. Notice how the "Kingdom" of "Western Europe" pretty much fits the outlines of the EU.
Can't talk about the European Union without talking about Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi:
Ikeda not only linked to Club of Rome, but met up with and praised the starter of the EU, Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi
We've been talking about Kalergi a bit - notice that he's got his OWN conspiracy theory, the Kalergi Plan aka "the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy" - far right, anti-semitic, white nationalist, etc. It's the kind of ethnically-superior, nationalistic rhetoric Ikeda would definitely get behind.
Richard von Coudenhove-Kalerghad his own idea for how the world's nations should be grouped - into five "superstates" (map from the 1920s). It pretty much keeps the British Empire intact; lumps Mexico, Central America, and South America in with the USA; sticks Japan in with China (serves them right); keeps the borders of the Soviet Union; and divvies up Africa among the continental Western European colonial powers (France, Belgium, Portugal, Amsterdam, whoever else), which are all lumped together. Can't we all just get along??
Coudenhove-Kalergi cuts quite an intriguing figure. Not only is he the one who proposed Beethoven's Ode to Joy as Europe's anthem, he also served as inspiration for Victor Laszlo, the fictional resistance hero in Casablanca. Source
Et tu, "Dr. Beethoven"??
Kalergi's mother came from a wealthy Japanese family, you know.
In 1922, Coudenhove-Kalergi co-founded the Pan-European Union, together with Austrian Archduke Otto von Habsburg. A year later, he published the manifesto Pan-Europa, and in 1924 he founded an eponymous journal, which ran until 1938. In 1926, the first Congress of the Pan-European Union elected Coudenhove-Kalergi as its president, which he would remain until his death.
Notice how, as soon as he seized the presidency of the Soka Gakkai, Ikeda changed all the rules to make himself dictator for life as well. Perhaps Toda wasn't Ikeda's most influential role model...
Ikeda intended to take over Japan, elevate Japan to World Power status alongside the USA and the Soviet Union, export his own minions throughout the world and use them to take over entire countries on a grassroots basis. BOY that didn't work O_O
"Some day 20 or 30 per cent of the people in the United States will become members of Nichirens Shoshu and disciples of President Ikeda." World Tribune
I'll take the world. Japan is too small. The world is waiting for me. Firmly protect the future of Japan for me! Ikeda
"...while I daydream plot scheme make plans to rule the werld! Muahahahahahahaha!!
And the best way to take over the world would be to take ovecolonialize the world's top superpower, the United States! I've described how (and why) this was such an Ikeda kind of goal here. He'd install his firstborn son Hiromasa as viceroy President of the United States (see "remaking the rules", above), which was the consolation prize for the firstborn being passed over for Daddy's inheritance rights - those were to go to the second son who resembled Daddy more strongly (again here). Hurts to be the ugly sister... Source
Just an aside - a company in Rome (since we're on the subject) claims to be on the forefront of human cloning...
So NOW - finally - on to the rest of the "1/3 of the world's population" bit.
Under the “business as usual scenario,” world society proceeds in a traditional manner without major deviation from the policies pursued during most of the 20th century. In this scenario, society proceeds as long as possible without major policy change. Population rises to more than seven billion by 2030.
And humanity gets an "exceeded expectations" review on its 2011 performance review!
But a few decades into the 21st century, growth of the economy stops and reverses abruptly.
Hmmm...how could anyone cause that to happen?? O_o
blah blah industrial decline, which forces declines in the service and agricultural sectors. About the year 2030, population peaks and begins to decrease as the death rate is driven upward by lack of food and health services.
Today we review a study from Australia that compares the business as usual scenario to 2100 presented by the Club of Rome in its Limits to Growth book to the observed trends in population, resource depletion and pollution for the last 40 years.Results indicate a very close match and leads to a fear that the collapse that was indicated in the BAU scenario around 2030 may still take place, given the reluctance of many of the world’s largest resource consumers and polluters (China, USA, Russia, Brazil, Canada, etc) to replace carbon fuel with alternative fuels. Added to that is the very real concern that the transition to renewable energy, along with decreased population rates recommended by the Club of Rome may not be possible before the impending collapse.
I'm afraid that there are too many very rich and powerful people who have way too much invested in fossil fuels and the status quo to embrace and promote a change to renewable energy.
“As pollution mounts and industrial input into agriculture falls, food production per capita falls. Health and education services are cut back, and that combines to bring about a rise in the death rate from about 2020. Global population begins to fall from about 2030, by about half a billion people per decade. Living conditions fall to levels similar to the early 1900s.” Source
The population of the US will likely peak at about 300 million by 2030, before declining (UN 1998 Revision).
And the US population earns an "exceeded expectations" review on its 2006%20%2D%2D%20The%20United%20States,the%20U.S.%20Census%20Bureau%20estimates.) performance review!
And no shortage of related crazy!
It appears that this plan has been green-lighted by the elite, as recent MIT research validates the conclusions drawn by Limits to Growth at this crucial time when we see the world economy imploding, and a jack-booted green police ready to hit the streets. According to MIT, we are headed toward a guaranteed planet-wide economic collapse and "precipitous population decline" if we do not heed the words of The Club of Rome. Source
The sky is always falling - somewhere...
This worldview was encapsulated in a follow-up book to Limits to Growth, called The First Global Revolution, which 21 years later laments and chastises the failure of wider humanity to aggressively implement the Club's previous suggestions, while openly touting manipulation as a way toward global unity.
There are many key passages in this book that give a clear indication of the mindset leading us through the present into the future, but a particularly striking section comes when they discuss the "limits of democracy:"
Democracy is not a panacea. It cannot organize everything, and is unaware of its own limits.
In its present form democracy is not well suited for the tasks ahead.
We overlook (psychologically speaking, we deny) our ignorance and say we lack the political will. The crucial need is to revitalize democracy and give it a breadth of perspective that will enable it to cope with the evolving global situation. In other words, is this new world we find ourselves in governable? The answer is probably not with the existing structures and attitudes. Source
Notice how neatly these points line up with Ikeda's disdain for democracy?
"When democracy is put into practice by the unthinking masses, liberty will be misinterpreted as license; rights will be claimed while duties remain unfulfilled; and the loss of order will allow evil to become rampant." - Complete Works of Daisaku Ikeda, page 176
Rather than having a great number of irresponsible men gather and noisily criticize, there are times when a single leader who thinks about the people from his heart, taking responsibility and acting decisively, saves the nation from danger and brings happiness to the people. Moreover, if the leader is trusted and supported by all the people, one may call this an excellent democracy. - Ikeda, quoted in The Sokagakkai and the Mass Model, p. 238.
Don't like democracy? Just make up some other governing structure and call that "democracy"! Or maybe "Buddhist democracy"!
But within Ikeda's worldview, the 1/3 of the world population that will consist of his followers will be the ones calling all the shots, running the whole show - the only ones who count:
Dear Leaders, We received a call from Sensei's secretariat informing that Sensei and Mrs. Ikeda are very concerned about the Chennai floods. Sensei has further asked that the following message be conveyed to the members in Chennai: "Please convey my heartfelt sympathy to the members in Chennai who are affected by the recent flood. Along with my wife, I am sending daimoku." With best regards, BSG Administration
Notice how Ikeda's sole concern is for his OWN cult faithful. Everybody else can go rot.
The purpose of shakubuku is actually to DOMINATE others - FOREVER! So they'll be your servants in future lifetimes! It's PURE SELFISHNESS!!
"ALL of us in the SGI are "old friends of life", "old friends across eternity", precious beyond measure and linked by bonds from the `beginningless' past. We have treasured this world of trust, friendship and fellowship. How sad and pitiful it is to betray and leave this beautiful realm! Those who abandon their faith travel on a course to tragic defeat in life. ... IN our organisation, there is no need to listen to the criticism of people who do not do gongyo and participate in activities for kosen-rufu. It is very foolish to be swayed at all by their words, which are nothing more then abuse, and do not deserve the slightest heed." - Daisaku Ikeda
"IGNORE everyone who isn't in OUR group."
SGI does NOT want dialogue
If you aren't going to talk with anyone outside of your group, what's the use of having them around at all?? It's YOUR fellow members who are going to be running everything, making all the important decisions, after all:
"If you stick with me, if you devote your life to following this teaching and helping to spread it, you'll experience things you never believed possible. Think of your friends, the ones who are giving you such a hard time about practicing. I bet you that ten years from now they'll be married, working at gas stations or in offices, raising a couple of kids, going to the movies on weekends. Stick with me, and in ten years you'll be the leader of five thousand people, perhaps ten thousand. In ten years you'll have abilities that will change the destiny of this planet. Ten years from now the organization will be unrecognizable, compared to what you see today. Right now we're in a phase of developing leaders for the future. Once that phase is completed, those leaders will be ready to take charge of important areas of society. We'll have senators, doctors, lawyers, and yes, writers, developed through the [SGI]. Of course I cant tell you exactly how long that will take; it won't be a sudden transformation, either. But within ten years, I think it's safe to say you won't see anything remotely resembling what you see today. ...you will be growing up into one of the leaders of this country." SGI leader from 1970
"When Kosenrufu is accomplished, (Kosenrufu is a Buddhist term. According to Ikeda's interpretation, it is a situation where most people have become faithful Soka Gakkai members), some of us will have gained influential positions in Japanese politics such as in the House of Councilors or the House of Representatives. They will usually have at least 100,000 yen to 200,000 yen in their wallet. They will wear nice clothes which will not be purchased in monthly installments but will be paid for in cash. Let's meet in the Diet Building or the Prince Hotel. We must place the Soka Gakkai members in all the key positions of Japanese government and society. Otherwise Kosenrufu will not be accomplished." - Ikeda, September 6th 1957, Seikyo Shimbun (SG's daily organ newspaper)
Clearly, "kosen-rufu" depends on seizing political power FIRST. THEN they can impose whatever they want on everybody else.
And notice how SGI intends to destroy all culture and replace it with SGI's OWN Ikeda-centered "culture".
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2020.09.29 18:46 Silence_of_the_Lambo Hypercars + Ford GT's + and more

Koenigsegg CCX or Koenigsegg CCR? Idk
Koenigsegg CCX
Koenigsegg Agera surrounded by other cars
WHAT...BUT....H-H-HOW 2 Lexus LFA's!!!
Another Blue Agera
Two Ford GT's one Gulf
Another Ford GT
Bugatti EB110 in Blugatti Color
All Blacked Out Veyron
White And Gold Miura!
Ferrari Lovers Come Out and Play!
Chiron everyone has seen
And Finally a MC12
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2020.09.29 08:10 nosleep33 Watch out for convenient government data - only 2 fewer suicides in Australia than last year?!

I find this article from Australia's government-run ABC News to be so completely unbelievable. It states that from Jan-Aug 2019, there were 468 suicides in Australia. And in 2020, under some of the harshest lockdown rules in the world, there have been 466 suicides. The difference of just two less cases is ridiculous and completely unbelievable. How did they access this data?
Oh, and here's another ABC article where they say suicide data has a two-year lag. Also, in the first ABC article, it says Australia has 750 suicides annually, the second says 3000. Read the news closely. Doublethink? Lies? Propaganda?
There is also no mention of overdoses in this ABC article, which is something we need to be aligning with suicide statistics. This will help gain a clear picture of the negative effects of these lockdowns on people's mental health. So far, Australia has had 850 COVID deaths and annually we average 750 suicides and over 2000 overdoses. Watch as the powers that be do everything in their power to keep the suicide number lower than the COVID numbers. A good way to do this is to categorise overdoses as something separate.
Here's another article - in this one, it says:
And one more article with mental health statistics, stating:
With all of these statistics - somehow the government tells us suicides are down? By two less than last year?? I just don't believe it. At all. Also, one convenient piece of missing data is the number of overdoses. According to that second article, Australia experienced over 2000 overdoses in 2019. Yet somehow, that data for 2020 also won't be available until 2022????
So, in short, we somehow have access to suicide data in August cos it shows a lower number than COVID deaths to the same time last year, but no access to overdose data until 2022. And there is conflicting numbers in two separate ABC articles. Gotcha. Cool. Well played.
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2020.09.28 20:41 flyinmacaronimonster Absentee and in-Person Voting in Pennsylvania. A Detailed Guide to Voting in Philadelphia (In-Person Absentee Voting Starts Tuesday, September 29)

A NOTE FOR ANY NEW JERSEY VOTERS: If you are voting in New Jersey, ballots will be mailed to all registered voters, and, once you have completed your ballot, you can drop your ballot off at any drop-box in your county. If you have not registered to vote yet, you may do so online (DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 13).
IN BOTH PENNSYLVANIA AND NEW JERSEY: ALL BALLOTS HAND-DELIVERED OR DROPPED OFF NEED TO BE RETURNED OFF BY 8:00PM ON ELECTION DAY though it is still recommended that you drop your ballots off as early as possible.


If you have not registered to vote yet, you may do so online, right now, using the link below:


If you are registered to vote, you may either vote
(i) If you are voting for the first time in Pennsylvania, either during the early voting period or on Election Day, you will need to present voter ID. It can be either a Photo ID (like a driver's license or a non-driver's license photo ID) or a Non-Photo ID (like a utility bill or a bank statement).
"An individual might also be required to vote using a provisional ballot if the voter applied for, but did not return, a Mail-In or Absentee Ballot."


There's two key points about in-person absentee voting that you need to know:
a) IF YOU HAVE REQUESTED A MAIL BALLOT, BUT HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT YET, it is inadvisable to vote EARLY, in person, with an absentee/mail-in ballot UNLESS, it is close to Election Day, you haven't received your ballot yet, and you do not want to vote on Election Day.
To be clear, the process is exactly the same as if it were mailed to you with the key exception being that it will be in-person. What will happen is that you will go to an in-person absentee/mail-in voting location, fill out an application for an absentee (EXUCSE REQUIRED) or mail-in ballot (NO-EXCUSE)*.
When requesting an absentee ballot, EVEN IF IT IS IN-PERSON you will need to provide some form of identification, like your driver's license ID number, your PennDOT photo ID number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number. THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY THE SAME AS
If you do not have any of those, you will need to download an absentee request form, provide a PHOTO ID that shows "a name, a photo, and an expiration date that is current with that request form, and then return it to the County Clerk's office (you can use the drop-box). Just to clear up some confusion. This is not the same type of ID that is needed to be shown when you are voting in-person for the first time.
https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Documents/DOS_Identification_for_absentee_voting.pdf [ID FOR AN ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST]
Once you have applied for your absentee/mail-in ballot, you will get an envelope containing your ballot, then you would go to a privacy table and cast your vote as you would normally do if you were mailing it in. You will have to open it, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. There will be specific instructions available to you on how to cast the ballot properly available to you, as you cast your absentee/mail-in ballot. You will then have to seal up the ballot, SIGN YOUR DANG NAME and then put it in a ballot box.
Literally it's the exact same way that you would cast your ballot if it were mailed to your residence, the only difference is that it is not mailed to you, you just cut out the middleman and do it in person.

They will, in fact, be counted at the exact same time as the ballots that will be mailed out. Mail ballots, whether or not they are mailed out to a voter, or cast in-person, will be processed starting at 7am on Election Day.

For anybody hoping that voting in-person early would get an earlier result, this will not be the case, and the only way to guarantee that would be to vote in-person on Election Day. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSING ELECTION DAY VOTING OVER ABSENTEE/MAIL-IN VOTING, but I do understand that this topic has been a concern, and I think it is important to note that specific element.
https://www.msnbc.com/hallie-jackson/watch/philadelphia-opens-satellite-in-person-mail-in-voting-centers-92802117991?cid=sm_npd_ms_fb_ma [VIDEO EXPLAINS HOW THE PROCESS WORKS; ALSO A CLEAR STATEMENT ABOUT WHEN THE "IN-PERSON ABSENTEE/MAIL-IN BALLOTS" WILL BE COUNTED (Disclaimer: I do not endorse the political views of the source listed, and the information from this source is meant to be purely informational and instructional in nature)
*Pennsylvania is one of two states [Missouri] that differentiates between "absentee" and "mail-in" ballots. HOWEVER, in Pennsylvania - unlike Missouri - "absentee" and "mail-in" ballots, are, in practice, interchangeable with each other, and there is no effective difference in how you would vote your ballot or return it.


If you have not requested a ballot yet, you may do so online, using this link:
If you are requesting a ballot by mail, you would be requesting a "mail-in" ballot unless you have an excuse, in which you would request an "absentee ballot."
Pennsylvania is one of two states (Missouri) that differentiates between "absentee" and "mail-in" ballots. HOWEVER, in Pennsylvania - unlike Missouri - "absentee" and "mail-in" ballots, are, in practice, interchangeable with each other, and there is no effective difference in how you would vote your ballot or return it.
When requesting an absentee ballot, you will need to provide some form of identification, like your driver's license ID number, your PennDOT photo ID number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number.
If you do not have any of those, you will need to download an absentee request form, provide a photocopy an ID that shows a name, a photo, and an expiration date that is current with that request form, and then return it to the County Clerk's office (you can use the drop-box). See below for more details
If you have already received your ballot by mail make sure that you:
(a) READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Absolutely DO NOT start filling in your ballot without reading the instructions at least twice over, just to be sure.
MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE THE SECRECY ENVELOPE. Otherwise, it may be rejected.
While there is a lot of media attention over naked ballots, it should be noted that there are several other errors that will get your ballot either challenged or rejected so be careful AND READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.
(b) After you have filled it in, SIGN YOUR NAME IN THE CORRECT PLACE, and then drop it off at a drop-box or hand-deliver it to your County Election Official's Office. PLEASE, DROP OFF YOUR BALLOT INSTEAD OF MAILING IT BACK, UNLESS YOU ARE UNABLE TO DO SO, **SO THAT YOU CAN 100% GUARANTEE THAT YOUR VOTE WILL ARRIVE ON TIME, WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY.
(c) Keep in mind that YOU, AND ONLY YOU CAN DROP OFF YOUR OWN BALLOT. You cannot have ANYBODY ELSE drop it off for you. If you are constrained to your home, be sure to mail it back immediately after you have received it.
"Voters must drop off their ballots themselves. Pennsylvania law prohibits county officials from accepting ballots from anyone else. For example, voters cannot have a spouse, child or neighbor drop off their ballot on their behalf."
Source: https://www.mcall.com/news/elections/mc-nws-pa-election-office-hours-lehigh-northampton-counties-20200911-3svfi4k73fas3gy7525tadwxgy-story.html
(d) In all counties in the Philadelphia area, there will be drop-boxes available; keep in mind that they will not all be 24/7 exterior drop boxes. In fact, several drop-boxes will be time-limited and some will be interior drop-boxes.
ALL BALLOTS NEED TO BE RETURNED BY 8:00PM ON ELECTION DAY, however, it would, in my opinion, be ideal to drop off your ballot as soon as possible.




NO DROP-BOXES available. Two drop-boxes were available during the Primary Election, but are, to the best of my knowledge, currently not available during the General Election.
https://billypenn.com/2020/05/26/philly-vote-now-by-dropping-your-ballot-into-a-special-box-at-city-hall/ [PHILADELPHIA DROP BOX AT CITY HALL USED DURING PRIMARY] (NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE GENERAL)
Because these drop-boxes are not available, you will have to drop it off at an early voting site during early voting hours (this includes City Hall which has had a drop-box be available for the primary). SEE BELOW FOR LOCATIONS AND HOURS OF IN-PERSON ABSENTEE/MAIL-IN VOTING.


Number of locations: (7) locations open on Tuesday, September 29 (In total, there are 17 locations proposed: 2 main locations [City Hall and Riverview Center*], and 15 additional satellite locations).
Site Region Location Address Zip
1 Center City City Hall, Room 140 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd 19107
2 Far Northeast George Washington High School 10175 Bustleton Ave 19116
3 North The Liacouras Center 1776 N Broad St 19121
4 Northwest Roxborough High School 6498 Ridge Ave 19128
5 Southwest Tilden Middle School 6601 Elmwood Ave 19142
6 Upper North Julia De Burgos Elementary 401 W Lehigh Ave 19133
7 West Overbrook Elementary School 2032 N 62nd St 19151
*City Hall is opening on the 29th; Opening date TBD for Riverview Center. See the DROP-BOX section for location details.
OPEN DAILY (SAT & SUN INCLUSIVE) between Tuesday, September 29 and Monday, November 2.
Hours: OPEN DAILY (SAT & SUN INCLUSIVE) through to Monday, November 2 (11:30am-6:30pm MON-THU; 9:30am-4:30pm FRI-SUN).



DROP-BOXES NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY, OCTOBER 5; NO DROP-BOXES AVAILABLE UNTIL THEN. Until Monday, October 5, you can hand deliver your ballot to the:
Bucks County Board of Elections at the Bucks County Courthouse, 55 E Court St, Doylestown, PA 18901. Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm MON-FRI.
(3) INTERIOR, TIME-LIMITED Drop-boxes at all three County Government Service Centers. AVAILABLE AS OF MONDAY, OCTOBER 5.
HOURS: Available 8:00am-4:30pm MON-FRI THROUGH TO MONDAY, OCTOBER 26. Extended hours available between Tuesday, October 27 and Election Day, including weekend hours (8:00am-7:00pm MON-FRI; 12 noon-5:00pm SAT & SUN; 8:00am-8:00pm on Election Day).
Check out the link below for more details:
https://twitter.com/BucksCountyGovt/status/1305956594061111296 [AVAILABLE OCTOBER 5]





DROP-BOXES AVAILABLE AS OF SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3; NO DROP-BOXES UNTIL THEN. Until October 3, you will have to hand-deliver your ballot the Montgomery County Voter Services office at the:
One Montgomery Plaza building, 425 Swede St, Suite #602 (SIXTH FLOOR), Norristown, PA 19401 (Located directly across from the Montgomery County Courthouse).
Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm MON-FRI.
As of Saturday, October 3, there will be (10) Drop-boxes in total that will be readily available, with (1) more proposed drop-box potentially available in the near-future. DROP-BOX AVAILABILITY WILL BE TIME-LIMITED, BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE DAILY (SAT & SUN INCLUSIVE). Unclear if they are interior or exterior drop-boxes. Check the links below for times and locations:





Chester County Main Voter Services Office
Location: Chester County Government Services Center @ 601 Westtown Road, Suite 150, West Chester, PA 19380
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm MON-FRI.
Chester County Satellite Voter Services Offices
Satellite Location #1:
Location #1: Henrietta Hankin Branch Library at 215 Windgate Dr, Chester Springs, PA 19425
MON, WED, FRI, SAT: 9:30am-5:00pm
TUE, THUR 9:30am-8:00pm
Location #2: Oxford Library, 48 S 2nd St, Oxford, PA 19363
MON & WED: 10:00am-5:00pm
TUE & THU: 1:00pm-8:00pm
FRI: 10:00am-2:00pm
SAT: 9:00am-1:00pm


AVAILABLE NOW: (1) 24/7 INTERIOR DROP-BOX available now in the lobby of the Chester County Government Services Center in West Chester (SEE ABOVE FOR LOCATION). Ring the bell after hours, and a security guard will open the door and allow you to drop off your ballot.
AVAILABLE STARTING MONDAY, OCTOBER 5: (2) additional ballot drop-off points at the satellite office locations in Chester Springs and Oxford, as listed above, available during office hours.
AVAILABLE STARTING TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13: (10) additional Drop-off locations. TIME LIMITED, BUT AVAILABLE DAILY (SAT & SUN INCLUSIVE). UNCLEAR IF THEY ARE INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR DROP-BOXES. Check out this link for more details on locations: https://www.chesco.org/4758/Drop-Off-Locations
In terms of hours of availability, the (10) additional drop-off boxes that will be available starting on Tuesday, October 13 will be available DAILY (SAT & SUN INCLUSIVE), and ALL will be available 9:00am-7:00pm MON-FRI & 10:00am-2:00pm SAT & SUN.


Chester County has in-person absentee voting available during office hours at the Chester County Voter Services Office, and the two satellite locations. SEE ABOVE FOR LOCATIONS AND OFFICE HOURS. 8:30am-4:30pm MON-FRI at the Chester County Voter Services Office, 601 Westtown Road, Suite 150, West Chester, PA 19380



Drop-boxes will be available in Delaware County, but a full list of drop-boxes has yet to be determined.


https://www.votespa.com/Resources/Pages/Contact-Your-Election-Officials.aspx [COUNTY ELECTION OFFICIAL DIRECTORY]
https://www.philadelphiavotes.com/en/voters/provisional-ballots [PROVISIONAL BALLOT IF YOU APPLIED FOR BUT DID NOT RECEIVE A MAIL IN BALLOT AND WANT TO VOTE IN-PERSON]
https://www.mcall.com/news/elections/mc-nws-pa-election-office-hours-lehigh-northampton-counties-20200911-3svfi4k73fas3gy7525tadwxgy-story.html [YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN DROP-OFF YOUR OWN BALLOT]
https://www.votespa.com/Register-to-Vote/Pages/Voter-ID-for-First-Time-Voters.aspx [VOTER ID FOR FIRST TIME VOTERS IN PENNSYLVANIA]
https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Documents/DOS_Identification_for_absentee_voting.pdf [ID FOR AN ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST]
https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/OnlineAbsenteeApplication/#/OnlineAbsenteeBegin [ONLINE "ABSENTEE" AND "MAIL-IN" BALLOT REQUEST]
https://www.votespa.com/Register-to-Vote/Documents/PADOS_MailInApplication.pdf [ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM]
https://nj.gov/state/elections/vote-secure-drop-boxes.shtml [FOR NEW JERSEY VOTERS: A LIST OF ALL BALLOT DROP-BOXES IN THE STATE, ORDERED BY COUNTY]
https://www.state.nj.us/state/elections/vote-by-mail.shtml [FOR NEW JERSEY VOTERS: INFORMATION ON VOTE-BY-MAIL INFORMATION]
https://www.state.nj.us/state/elections/voter-registration.shtml [FOR NEW JERSEY VOTERS: VOTER REGISTRATION]
https://billypenn.com/2020/05/26/philly-vote-now-by-dropping-your-ballot-into-a-special-box-at-city-hall/ [PHILADELPHIA DROP BOX AT CITY HALL USED DURING PRIMARY] (NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE GENERAL)
https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/vopp-table-16-when-absentee-mail-ballot-processing-and-counting-can-begin.aspx [WHEN MAIL BALLOTS ARE PROCESSED AND COUNTED]
https://www.msnbc.com/hallie-jackson/watch/philadelphia-opens-satellite-in-person-mail-in-voting-centers-92802117991?cid=sm_npd_ms_fb_ma [VIDEO EXPLAINS HOW THE PROCESS WORKS; ALSO A CLEAR STATEMENT ABOUT WHEN THE "IN-PERSON ABSENTEE/MAIL-IN BALLOTS" WILL BE COUNTED (Disclaimer: I do not endorse the political views of the source listed, and the information from this source is meant to be purely informational and instructional in nature)
https://6abc.com/politics/philly-residents-can-vote-early-at-new-satellite-offices/6617811/ [DROP OFF YOUR BALLOT AT ANY SATELLITE EARLY VOTING LOCATION]
https://www.inquirer.com/politics/election/philadelphia-pennsylvania-early-voting-2020-election-20200810.html [EARLY VOTING WILL BE AVAILABLE IN SUBURBAN PHILADELPHIA COUNTIES]
https://2020-general-election-bucksgis.hub.arcgis.com/pages/drop-box-info [BUCKS COUNTY BALLOT DROP-BOXES]
https://patch.com/pennsylvania/levittown/bucks-co-announces-ballot-drop-box-locations-election [BUCKS COUNTY BALLOT DROP-BOXES]
https://www.montcopa.org/3587/Secure-Ballot-Drop-Box-Locations [MONTGOMERY COUNTY BALLOT DROP-BOX LIST]
https://montcopa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/e33fd8849c8d42a087cc1716146220f1 [MAP OF DROP-BOXES IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY]
https://www.chesco.org/4758/Drop-Off-Locations [CHESTER COUNTY DROP-OFF LOCATIONS]
https://chesco.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappvieweindex.html?id=3be9cdd65e84457a849ab37c916a2506 [CHESTER COUNTY DROP-OFF MAP]
https://www.delcopa.gov/electionsbureau/index.html [DELAWARE COUNTY BUREAU OF ELECTIONS]
https://www.delcopa.gov/elections/waystovote.html [LIST OF DROP-BOXES IS COMING SOON]
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2020.09.28 20:06 meladiloka Love of My Life Quotes






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2020.09.28 13:44 YouKnowBetter2 $OPGN OpGen Announces Successful Completion of Study Collaboration with Karolinska Institute

"$OPGN OpGen Announces Successful Completion of Study Collaboration with Karolinska Institute on Bacterial Co-Infections in COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients and Presents Data on Unyvero HPN Panel at ECCVID 2020"
GAITHERSBURG, Md. and HOLZGERLINGEN, Germany, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OpGen, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPGN, “OpGen”), a precision medicine company harnessing the power of molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics to help combat infectious disease, announced today the successful completion of the clinical study between its subsidiary, Curetis GmbH, and Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. The collaboration was set out to identify bacterial co-infections in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. The patients in this study had been admitted to the ICU after respiratory deterioration during hospital stay, and their lower respiratory tract samples were analyzed with the Unyvero HPN panel.
Data from this study was presented at the ESCMID Conference on Coronavirus Disease (ECCVID) on September 24, 2020, and demonstrated several advantages of the Unyvero HPN panel, including the ability to identify clinically important pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, Haemophilus influenzae, among several others missed by microbiological methods.
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2020.09.28 13:03 flyinmacaronimonster Absentee and In-Person Voting in Nebraska: A Detailed Guide to Voting in Omaha

Drop-boxes: (9) drop-boxes available 24/7 in Douglas County. BALLOTS MUST BE RETURNED BY 8:00pm CT. See link above for more details
In-person Absentee Voting: In-person absentee voting is available starting Monday, October 5 at the Douglas County Elections Commissions Office at 12220 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68144 (Bel Air Plaza), open during regular business hours through to Monday, November 2 (8:30am-5:00pm MON-FRI, excluding holidays).
https://www.sarpy.com/about/county-news/sarpy-county-installs-two-additional-ballot-drop-boxes-2020-09-25t050000 [DROP-BOXES]
https://www.sarpy.com/offices/election-commission [SARPY COUNTY ELECTION COMMISION MAIN PAGE]
Drop-boxes: (6) drop-boxes available 24/7 in Sarpy County. BALLOTS MUST BE RETURNED BY 8:00pm CT. See link above for more details
In-person Absentee Voting: In-person absentee voting is available starting Monday, October 5 at the Sarpy County Elections Commissions Office at 501 Olson Dr, Suite #4, Papillion, NE 68046, open during regular business hours through to Monday, November 2 (8:00am-4:45pm MON-FRI).
http://www.enterprisepub.com/news/local_news/ballot-dropbox-available-at-washington-county-courthouse/article_a7c19686-8f20-11e6-a04a-f3e9949ed456.html [BALLOT DROP-BOX]
Drop-boxes: (1) drop-boxes available 24/7 at the Washington County Courthouse located at 1555 Colfax St, Blair, NE 68008. BALLOTS MUST BE RETURNED BY 8:00pm CT. See link above for more details
In-person Absentee Voting: In-person absentee voting is available starting Monday, October 5 at the Washington County Elections Commissions Office at the same address as listed above.
The information below is for Nebraska voters. IF YOU LIVE IN IOWA, absentee voting, both by-mail and in-person starts on Monday, October 5. Contact your County Auditor's office for more details.
If you live in Council Bluffs or the surrounding area, you will be voting in Pottawattamie County, so contact the Pottawattamie County Auditor's office for more election information.
Hey Omahans! Election Season is starting as absentee ballots are going out all registered voters who has requested an absentee ballot. As well, in-person absentee voting will be starting as of Monday, October 5.
If you have not registered to vote yet, you can do so using the link below. The deadline for voter registration is Friday, October 16.
If you have not done so already, you may request an absentee ballot if you would like. You can download an application online using the link below, and then, instead of sending it physically, you can take a picture or scan your request and email it to your county election official. You can also drop off your application at a drop-box. [SEE LIST OF LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE for your County Election Office]
Once you have received your ballot, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE FILLING OUT YOUR BALLOT, fill out your ballot, and then MAKE SURE TO SIGN THE ENVELOPE IN THE CORRECT PLACE. Lack of signature is a common, but easily avoidable, reason for ballot rejection, so make sure to sign your name in the correct place.
Nebraska doesn't reject ballots based solely on whether or not your signature matches the one on file, so if your signature doesn't match exactly, you do not need to worry about this.
Once you have completed your ballot, drop it off at one of the several drop-boxes in either Douglas or Sarpy Counties if you are voting in one of those two counties, or at the drop-box at the Washington County Courthouse if you are voting in Washington County. SEE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.
Use one of these drop-boxes instead of mailing it back so that you can 100% guarantee that your ballot will be received on time. ALL BALLOTS NEED TO BE RETURNED BY 8:00pm CT, though try to get your ballot in as soon as you can.
If you are voting in-person you may do so early at your County Election Office, starting on Monday, October 5. SEE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.
You may also vote in-person Election Day.
Nebraska has no voter ID requirement.
https://sos.nebraska.gov/sites/sos.nebraska.gov/files/doc/elections/earlyvote_app_fill.pdf [ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST FORM]
https://sos.nebraska.gov/elections/election-officials-contact-information [LIST OF COUNTY ELECTION OFFICES]
https://nebraskademocrats.org/voting-cente [THIS LINK IS MEANT TO SHOW THAT THERE ARE DROP-BOXES IN ALL COUNTIES (“All 93 counties have drop-boxes outside their courthouses or election commission offices.” ~ “In addition, Sarpy and Douglas [and now Lancaster] counties have multiple drop boxes.”)]
https://www.votedouglascounty.com/index.aspx [DOUGLAS COUNTY ELECTION COMMISSION HOME PAGE]
https://www.votedouglascounty.com/early_voting.aspx [ABSENTEE VOTING; MULTIPLE DROP-BOXES IN DOUGLAS COUNTY (Omaha)]
https://www.votedouglascounty.com/contact_us.aspx [DOUGLAS COUNTY ELECTION COMMISION OFFICE LOCATION (for Early Voting)]
https://www.sarpy.com/about/county-news/sarpy-county-installs-two-additional-ballot-drop-boxes-2020-09-25t050000 [MULTIPLE DROP-BOXES IN SARPY COUNTY]
https://www.sarpy.com/offices/election-commission [SARPY COUNTY ELECTION COMMISION MAIN PAGE]
http://www.enterprisepub.com/news/local_news/ballot-dropbox-available-at-washington-county-courthouse/article_a7c19686-8f20-11e6-a04a-f3e9949ed456.html [WASHINGTON COUNTY BALLOT DROP-BOX]
https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/auditors/auditorslist.html [IOWA COUNTY AUDITORS (FOR IOWA VOTERS)]
https://www.pottcounty-ia.gov/departments/audito [POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY, IA AUDITOR (FOR COUNCIL BLUFFS, IOWA VOTERS)]
http://www.co.washington.ne.us/election.html [WASHINGTON COUNTY ELECTIONS COMMISIONER MAIN PAGE]
https://sos.nebraska.gov/elections/election-day-faq [NO VOTER ID]
https://www.democracydocket.com/wp-content/themes/demdoc/assets/docs/Safeguarding-Our-Democracy-with-Vote-by-Mail.pdf [NO SIGNATURE MISMATCH laws; also, you can drop off a ballot for 2 other people]
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2020.09.28 12:26 BlockDotCo Blockchain Use in Intellectual Property

Blockchain Use in Intellectual Property
Link to original article: https://block.co/blockchain-use-in-intellectual-property/
Patents, trademarks, and industrial designs, along with copyrights, are all types of intellectual property protections that help creators of written stories, inventions, artistic works, or symbols to stop people from stealing or copying their pieces of work. In this article, we will examine how blockchain is used in Intellectual Property rights.
Broadly speaking, Intellectual Properties (IP) are “unique, value-adding creations of the human intellect that result from human ingenuity, creativity, and inventiveness.” (Kalanje, 2006).
By observing trends, we can identify a steady increase in the number of Intellectual Property applications worldwide. According to official statistics by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), applications worldwide of patents grew 72.3% over ten years, increasing to 3,326,300 from 2008 to 2018. Trademarks grew an astonishing 160% over the same period, to a record 14,321,800 number of applications, while industrial design applications were 1,312,600, growing by 61%. Every country has a specific authority where to apply for proper protection. However, it is becoming increasingly common that these jurisdictions will utilize blockchain technology to provide a smoother, faster, and cheaper application process and a system that ensures an incorruptible and secure timestamping through the hashing function.
How does it work?
Blockchain ‘trust’ is guaranteed by hashing algorithms, instead of third parties. Since, by default, hashes are unique and cannot be misinterpreted, nor two same hashes can be produced, it’s just easy to identify and match that hash with a unique document creating an unambiguous proof of existence. This way, a permanent ledger of data is created to prove the existence and the lifecycle of a specific IP right, enhancing its protection at a registry or in court.
Blockchain use in Intellectual Property potential is enormous, aiding in the evidence of creatorship and provenance authentication to registering and clearing IP rights; digital rights management; establishing and enforcing IP agreements, licenses, or exclusive distribution networks through smart contracts; and transmitting payments in real-time to IP owners.
In the case of patents, the real benefit of using blockchain lies in the immutable ledger of records with a tamper-proof code providing strong evidence of facts about an invention life-cycle. However, unlike copyrights, any new creation will still have to be patented with the proper authority or anyone else will be free to copy it or claim it without incurring any legal trouble.
“Deploying blockchain technology within the patent system could reduce inefficiencies in recording and efficiently agreeing the time of registrations, perhaps across several national patent systems” (Boucher et al., 2017).
In the case of Copyrights, these do not need to be registered with a government authority, therefore blockchain can have a major role in ensuring that evidence can be provided of authorship, use, and status of a specific production. Particularly, in case of disputes in court, blockchain provides strong evidence to prove an inventor’s right on intellectual property, and protect legal rights on authorship. So, when including writing and literary or artistic works, creators get some type of protection automatically via blockchain, whereas with others, they have to apply for it.
Trademarks, on the other hand, are the IP protection type that can most benefit from blockchain because it can easily, quickly, and very cheaply prove how similar are two marks to each other and who can claim to have used it first, providing immutable and timestamped proof of dates and usage. By using blockchain, many of the questions which can arise about exactly when, where, and how the trademark was used, can be instantly answered.
Cyprus-based company Block.co provides services in a range of different industries, and timestamping trademarks on the blockchain is one of them. The company is a spin-off of the University of Nicosia, one of the biggest blockchain contributors globally, and its mission is to eliminate document fraud in all sectors, by transforming the way institutions manage digital records.
International business and technology lawyer Christiana Aristidou makes large use of Block.co’s services and especially in copyrights and trademarks for several of her clients.
“We consider the Block.co solution indispensable towards our objective of constantly enhancing the provision of our legal services through innovative technological solutions. The protection of copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights now involves a simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient, blockchain-backed certificate issuance. Using blockchain, thereby ensuring a transparent, immutable, secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof recording of data, the Block.co solution offers a revolutionary and innovative means to protect our clients’ intellectual property, instead of other time-consuming and costly traditional processes.” she recently stated.
“Specifically, our clients’ data and evidence supporting their authorship, invention, or creation of any property that warrants copyright protection, may now be recorded in a digital document, which is then verified in a trusted and time-stamped manner on a blockchain. Our clients retain ownership and control of their data, having been granted easy access to a self-verifiable blockchain-secured certificate of such data.”
Smart Contracts
Smart contracts could also represent an important asset of blockchain technology because they can be used in intellectual property to establish and enforce agreements such as licenses and allow the transmission of payments in real-time to IP owners. Indeed, they allow automatic payments for transactions between users and rights holders with no middle man, thereby cutting out intermediate fees, longer procedures, and bureaucratic hurdles.
Blockchain in IP around the world
In Europe, various governmental agencies and IP registries such as the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) are actively involved in researching and promoting blockchain capabilities within the industry.
In particular, they believe blockchain can transform IP rights by highlighting, in one of their advanced research forums, that:
  • IP and blockchain are interrelated
  • Blockchain is transformative
  • IP protection will drive innovation in the ecosystem
  • Blockchain technology will transform IP protection and enforcement
  • Blockchain technology provides opportunities for both pirates and law enforcement
In India, the IPO (Indian Patent Office) is working on using blockchain and other innovative technologies like AI and IOT to enable smoother patent processes. A Blockchain-AI-based ecosystem is on the table to manage IP protection in India, intending to produce a much more efficient, straightforward, and faster procedure. IPO recently announced a tender called, “Expression of Interest for Making use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and other latest technologies in the Patent Processing system of IPO”, reinforcing their will to proceed along this line of work and stay up to date with the technological innovation that blockchain, AI and IoT can bring to the benefit of IP rights. A legal framework for a Blockchain-based IP registry to protect and commercialize smart ideas is one of the main and earliest initiatives the IPO is taking for the Indian IP industry.
In the United States, we find a clear example of how blockchain is used to protect American businesses from IPR theft by testing imports. Since blockchain has proven to be beneficial to streamline communication between multiple parties securely, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), with the funding of the Department of Homeland Security’s Science & Technology Directorate, recently completed a proof-of-concept (PoC) of a blockchain platform with that specific aim. Personal data and trade secrets would be kept safe at all times using encrypted keys, with the blockchain acting as an immutable ledger to record trade transactions.
In Southeast Asia, Thailand is leading the way in developing blockchain technology for IP protection. Various organizations and government offices have invested in projects aimed at implementing the tech to make IPR processes more efficient and faster. The Ministry of Commerce has recently launched a feasibility study to explore the use of blockchain for IP registration in the country, while the Thai Trade Policy and Strategy Office (TPSO), in collaboration with the British Embassy, were designated to analyze the study and translate it into action plans for future developments.
Conclusion — Blockchain limits and benefits in IP
As with every new technology, especially the most disruptive ones, setbacks can be both from a technical and a systemic perspective. Enormous processing power and scalability are still the main issues from a technical point, whereas a system that could connect registries across the world through a single distributed ledger represents the main challenge, not only for IP-related industries. Thankfully, Block.co’s solution already uses the Bitcoin blockchain and its network effect for this purpose, envisioning truly decentralized and secure storage for IP rights, that will outlive any issuing institution itself.
An international standardized system and platform that could facilitate global communication and successful management of IP rights via blockchain is an ambition that is reflected in healthcare, law, and many other industries. On the other hand, blockchain based IP rights enforcement is already a huge achievement, especially for those small artists who could not afford teams of lawyers to defend them in disputes to prove records of their authorship.
For more info, contact Block.co directly or email at [email protected].
Tel +357 70007828
Get the latest from Block.co, like and follow us on social media:
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2020.09.28 04:10 Boardgame_Meetups Board Game Meetup, Wednesday September 30, at Counter Culture from 6:00pm, $3 entry

We're full up this week! Check back in the future for next fortnights meetup

Come down to Counter Culture (211 Victoria Street, Te Aro) (so long as we are still at level 2) for some board games, dinner, and/or curly fries on September 30 at 6:00. Normally it's $10 entry but if you tell them you are part of the Reddit meetup it's only $3! They also do a burger and beer for $20 on Wednesdays. Buying dinner there is a good way to support the cafe, and their food is delicious!
They have a huge library of board games which the regulars of this meetup are learning the rules for, so don't bring your own games. Some of the previous ones we've played are Mysterium cooperatively solving a murder through dreams from a ghost, the gem trading game Century - Golem, and the always popular Betrayal at House on the Hill.
Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience. We're not super competitive and teach the rules before starting a game. Also post down below if there is a game you would like to play so people can jump on board.
We can only fit 12 people, so make sure to comment if you are coming, and only if can make it!
Spaces taken 1. Me! 2. fowkie123 3. absolutelykaren 4. benji1304 5. fedoranz 6. valosarapper 7. mokkatutu 8. 2xl33t 9. benji1304 +1 10. hitchens123 11. valosarapper +1 12. smalltits-bigdreams
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como abrir %appdata% en windows 10 - YouTube Google Data Studio en Español: 🔥📈Tutorial completo Data ... Big Data In 5 Minutes  What Is Big Data? Introduction To ... What Is Big Data? - YouTube YouTube Google Maps 3D: Data into Blender - YouTube What is a Data Center? - YouTube

免费电影,迅雷下载电影,电视剧 ... - v.dataco.cn

  1. como abrir %appdata% en windows 10 - YouTube
  2. Google Data Studio en Español: 🔥📈Tutorial completo Data ...
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  4. What Is Big Data? - YouTube
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  6. Google Maps 3D: Data into Blender - YouTube
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  9. ADATA - YouTube

This video discusses everything from data center basics to advanced topics like: risk management, network migration, power optimization, thermal efficiency a... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube. In this video I show you how to extract 3D data from Google Maps using RenderDoc and the amazing MapsModelsImporter by Élie Michel. Please consider donating ... http://www.weforum.org/ The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, ... espero que les haya gustado el video bye Don't forget to take the quiz at 04:03! Comment below what you think is the right answer, to be one of the 3 lucky winners who can win Amazon vouchers worth ... Founded in May 2001, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing top-notch memory solutions that enrich the customer’s digital life. The company’s d... face book Data Center, Largest Data Center Largest Data Center of the world Este tutorial de Google Data Studio forma parte del artículo que he publicado en mi blog 'Guía de Iniciación a Google Data Studio: todo lo que necesitas sabe...