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[Table] IamA 15 year old American football player in England, and my team just came second in the national final, AMA!

2014.09.24 07:39 tabledresser [Table] IamA 15 year old American football player in England, and my team just came second in the national final, AMA!

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Did u come second out of two teams? We played our regular season, and went 11 and 1, so we made it to Britbowl along with 7 other teams. Our first game at Britbowl was against the Leicester Falcons, who we beat. Our second game was against East Kilbride Pirates which no one knew anything about, and it ended up going to overtime, which we won. This put us through to the final against Highland Wildcats, which we were tied in until the last 5 minutes when they scored and we couldn't score again so we lost.
Overall, we finished above these teams and ranked number 2 on defence and number 4 on offense.
East Kilbride Pirates Hamilton Buccaneers Inverclyde Phoenix Edinburgh Wolves Moray Tide Chorley Buccaneers Woodham Warriors Pennine Panthers (Rams) Doncaster Mustangs Burnley Tornados Newcastle Academy Manchester Titans Chester Romans Pennine Panthers (Enthusiasm) Leicester Falcons Tamworth Phoenix Sandwell Steelers Birmingham Bulls Coventry Jets Marlow Wolves Cornish Sharks Solent Thrashers Farnham Knights Sussex Thunder Berkshire Renegades London Warriors Essex Spartans Norwich Devils Watford Cheetahs Colchester Gladiators London Blitz.
When I was in Australia this summer, I met an English rugby player who had just gotten a scholarship to play rugby in University. He said that American football is definitely more intense than rugby, but his family said otherwise. Which side of the fence are you on? You should come to The States sometime and go to a game in every stadium. It's become a fairly big thing here. Additionally, doing such a thing would allow you to take in American football first hand, AND see a large portion of the United States. How would you feel about doing this? Football is definitely more intense even if you are only on the field for like 20 seconds, you have to constantly be doing something and you could make that play at any second. When I was around 11, my older brother went off to university and he played rugby. When he went to the try outs for the uni rugby team, they basically said no game time unless you've played county/national level rugby, which he hadn't. So he went to look at other sports and found football, and when we went to watch his games I enjoyed it a lot. He came home for a while, and started playing for the Maidstone Pumas, who didn't even have a youth team and I wasn't even old enough to play youth yet, so they actually let me train with the adults without all of the tackling and stuff, and then I started to love it even more. He went back to university, continued playing until he got his masters and came home, deciding to play for the Exiles this time to see if they could actually do anything useful since Maidstone sucked, and they recently folded actually. By this time, I was 13 and turning 14 in a few months which is the age for youth, so I started training with the youth team and now I play for them. Kinda long story.
As an Englishman who has tried to watch American football numerous times, but found it boring as hell. Why American football oveinstead of rugby? I played rugby before I started football, and still do sometimes. One main thing is that in a game of football the hype is insane, and the environment that you play in is just a lot more exciting/exhilarating than on a rugby field. Before I started playing, I couldn't watch it either due the the stop start nature and how often breaks were taken, but once you actually get into it and realise what's happening you start to enjoy it a lot more. Another thing is the actual game, even though with rugby you're on the field playing constantly and in football it's maybe 20 seconds then a break from the game, the 20 seconds are just completely filled with action and you're doing something constantly and you can make the play at any time. I know it sounds like you can do that in rugby, but football takes it to a new level. Also you get cool pads and shit, and the plays, tackling and everything is a lot more intense.
They say second place is the first loser. How do you feel about that? Does that mean that second place means nothing and you're the same as the other losers? If so, that's completely wrong. We put hours of our time and effort into football this season and it really showed on the field which teams cared and which didn't. We were easily the best defence at the tournament, we were one of the best offences at the tournament. The final was a very close game and anyone could've won; Highland were just the better team and managed to beat us. But we were the only two teams you could see really cared about why we were there and what we were doing, and I'm proud to come second to Highland.
Don't feed the trolls. He's trying to kill your joy because he has none himself. I don't care lol. I'll still be happy with what I got.
Good on you! (That is how they say "Good for you?" in England right?) Haha thanks, and people still say good for you :P.
What are your realistic draft chances in the future? To be honest, I don't see myself being able to be drafted anywhere, but there are some people I've known who are going to college in America to play but even they aren't really going to be playing much at all. Matt Murphy, who was an Exiles youth player, just started playing for Buffalo so I guess there is a chance but people in America grow up playing the sport, where as it's really just starting to even be noticed over here. Think of it like an American trying to come over and play rugby for England I guess.
How popular is american football in England? Boys at your age mostly play soccer so what's it like to be 'different'? It's still not a popular sport by any means, I know I'm the only one in my school who plays it out of just over 1200 people. It's definitely becoming more popular and getting more publicity which is great, and I hope it gets really big one day. As for being different, I play rugby as well and a lot of people who I've told about it on my school rugby team see it as a 'pussy sport' because of excess padding etc, others have been interested so I'm not really different.
I don't know much about sport but one thing kept coming up during the controversy of brain damage in the NFL. I heard some people saying rugby is more safe than football because they don't wear padding and helmets. I guess it almost made sense to me because as the bare-knuckle campaigner Dr Alan J Ryan pointed out: "In 100 years of bare-knuckle fighting in the United States, which terminated around 1897 with a John L Sullivan heavyweight championship fight, there wasn't a single ring fatality." Today, there are three or four every year in the US, and around 15 per cent of professional fighters suffer some form of permanent brain damage during their career. Worldwide, there have been over 400 boxing deaths in the last 50 years alone. Gloves spread the impact of a blow, the recipient of a punch is less likely to be blinded, have their teeth knocked out or their jaw broken. However, gloves do not lessen the force applied to the brain as it rattles inside the skull from a heavy blow. In fact, they make matters worse by adding 10oz to the weight of the fist. I think the logic is you're not going to tackle with as much brutality when your face and head is exposed. Is there any truth to this? One main dfference between tackling is that in football you can basically tackle anywhere you want and any way you want, as long as you stay off their facemask and collar. The pads sort of give you more ability to hit harder because you know it's there to protect you, so you're gonna be willing to go straight through someone. Also, in rugby a lot of tackles aren't full speed running, and the form of the tackle takes away from the shock and some of the power of the hit, because in football, if you tackle with proper form you're more upright, sprinting full speed at a guy and use your whole body to tackle vs rugby where you just your your legs/shoulders at maybe 75% speed.
As for the pads themselves being the cause of the injury, I don't know about, but I know I at least tackle a lot harder in football than rugby.
What EPL team you support? I don't actually follow the Premier League, never interested me.
What league do you follow? Championship? League 1,2,La Liga? I don't follow football at all, I find it kinda boring.
Not in the long run. its like a barenuckle fight vs a boxing match. you can only hit someone so hard and so often w/o a glove. NFL players will learn to tackle more like rugby players and severe injuries and especially head trauma will be reduced. I guess, but actually competitive bare knuckle fights are just as brutal as boxing, so maybe football would be the same?
ಠ_ಠ Haha I know it's a massive sport here I just can't watch it.
Bare knuckle fights are over very quickly. you dont have the repetitive head impacts in those cases. in boxing you are getting hit in the head for 36 minutes in some cases. its the repetition that causes the most harm. thats why the NFL is so on top of not letting concussed players continue. I see. Maybe concussions are just a risk you take playing the game lol.
My cousin coaches for the Merseyside Nighthawks, was a great game by all accounts. Oh cool, do the Nighthawks have a youth team? They're in a different division to us, so we don't play them unless they make it to britbowl.
Do you think there is enough interest in Football in the UK for a franchise based in London like some are suggesting? I think there is enough interest, I just don't see it happening with all the travel and costs. Players would be tired, and it would cost a lot to fly to America every week. It would be awesome to see, maybe I would be able to see some of their home games lol, but I don't think it's possible yet, maybe when the sport becomes bigger though.
Thats awesome, i play rugby myself (Irish). did you play rugby before american football, or american football before rugby? (i.e which one did you start first) and how did you find the transition? I've played rugby since I was 8/9, and started football 2 seasons ago. The transition was kind of weird, because the ways I'd been taught to tackle, catch, carry the ball and everything were all different in football. Once I started playing football, the rugby season had stopped so when I went back and started playing rugby again I also found that my techniques for rugby were completely different and a bit better lol.
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